Rules & Guidelines

  1. The Sunshine Coast Photographic Competition is open to school children living on the Sunshine Coast.
  2. Entry will be by upload to Caloundra Rotary's Flickr page via email - the address and instructions will be supplied by email after the entry fee is paid.
  3. Payment of the entry fee will entitle the entry of four (4) photos in total across all categories.
  4. Multiple entries are acceptable after payment of an additional entry fee, but only one entry per computer session.
  5. The category you may enter must be in your age group.
  6. Entries in excess of the first four photos per Booking ID will be rejected.
  7. Entries without a Booking ID shown will also be rejected.
  8. Winners will be notified by email or phone. We will try both these methods of communication and if we have not had a response from the winner within a two week period, we will choose a new winner.
  9. A winner will be chosen in each Photo Category by Age Group.  In addition, a runner-up will be announced.
  10. All entrants consent to Caloundra Rotary using the photographs on any website or in any social media at its discretion.
  11. The prizes are gift vouchers ($50 winners, $25 runners-up) redeemable for goods at Harvey Norman Maroochydore Photo Centre, and free tuition by professional photographer, Barry Alsop.  Caloundra Rotary reserves the right to vary the prizes at its discretion. 
  12. All winning photos will be highlighted on Caloundra Rotary's Flickr competition page, on other Flickr pages, and in social media at our discretion.
  13. The winners' photographs will be framed and displayed.
  14. Prizes will be presented or sent by registered mail to the winners. 
  15. To win a prize, photos must be submitted by the specified date.  Entries submitted after this date will not be eligible to win any prize.  In exceptional circumstances, late entries may be accepted by the organisers.
  16. Entries that depict any of the things below will not be accepted and could lead to your photo being deleted and being blocked from Caloundra Rotary's Flickr page
  17. If a photo chosen as the winning photo is found to not belong to an entrant, or if it was entered by a person outside that age group, a new winner will be chosen.
  18. No third party or commercial gallery may enter a photograph on behalf of an entrant.
  19. An official entry form must be completed by each entrant.  The digitally submitted entry form is evidence of the entrant's consent to these Rules.
  20. The decision of the Adjudicators appointed by the Rotary Club of Caloundra will be FINAL and no discussion will be entered into on individual entries.
  21. The Rotary Club of Caloundra reserves the right and discretion to:
    • extend the closing date of the competition
    • cancel the competition at any time for any reason
    • amend these conditions at any time

Unacceptable Entries

None of these types of photos are eligible to be entered in the competition:
  • Abuse or violence of any kind
  • Sexually explicit photos
  • Racially offensive photos
  • Any photos that a student has not taken, that they do not own, or that are protected by copyright by another person or entity

Categories for the 2019 Competition

  • Animals : ages up to less than 10 years
  • Animals : 10 to less than12 years
  • Animals : 12 to less than15 years
  • Animals : 15 years plus
  • Natural Environment : ages up to less than 10 years
  • Natural Environment : 10 to less than 12 years
  • Natural Environment : 12-to less than 15 years
  • Natural Environment : 15 years plus

Dates for the 2019 Competition

  • The closing date is 3 May 2019 (midnight)
  • Winners will be announced by 31 May 2019

How to upload your photos

  1. Uploading to Caloundra Rotary's Flickr page will be by email with photos attached
  2. Only one email per category being entered, but you may attach up to four photos in the same category
  3. Only a total of four photos will be accepted across all categories
  4. Your age as at 1 July 2018 will determine which category you may enter
  5. The 'Subject' line of the email MUST be the Category in which you are entering
  6. The 'Body' or 'Content' of your email MUST include your unique Booking ID (and nothing else)
  7. The email address to which your email/s MUST be sent will be emailed after payment of the Entry Fee.
  8. Once your entries have been emailed, you may view all entries on our Flickr site.
  9. Flickr members may like and comment on the uploaded photos.
All enquiries by email to
Happy shooting!