The winning entry in 2019 : Animals 12-15

The 2020 Photo Competition

The Sunshine Coast Rotary Chidren's Photographic Competition is open to primary and secondary school children living on the Sunshine Coast.

The theme for the 2020 competition covers two categories:

  • Animals

  • Natural Environment

Each category is divided into age groups:
  • up to 10 years

  • 10-12 years

  • 12-15 years

  • 15 years +

Some pictures of 'animals' could be seen as an 'natural environmental' picture if the overriding focus is on the countryside or landscape.  The judges will be looking for originality in both categories making allowance for the entrant's age but try and decide before you press the shutter "Am I focusing on the animal or landscape" - it will help you decide where to upload the photo.
Remember the subject 'animals' opens up a whole range of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, fish or birds so if you choose this category, let your imagination run wild.

The Prizes

A winner and runner-up will be awarded in each category by age group
The prizes are:

Winners : $50 gift voucher

Runners-up : $25 gift voucher

Each winner and runner-up will receive free tuition from professional photographer, Barry Alsop.
Each winning photograph will be framed and displayed at the Caloundra Arts Centre.

Closing Date

Entries for the 2020 competition will close on 30 April 2020

Winners will be announced by 13 May 2020
Entry Fee
A $15 Entry Fee will entitle you to enter up to four (4) photographs in one subject category,  or across both categories.
Following payment, detailed upload instructions will be emailed.
Additional entries may be made after payment of an additional entry fee in a separate computer session.
All proceeds will go to the Rotary Club of Caloundra to further it's vital work in the community.
10 Simple Tips
  1. Think about the composition of the photograph – is there a main feature you are trying to show, is it prominent in the frame or a spot in the middle.
  2. Remember the rule of thirds, dividing your picture into 9 defined sections often provides for a well composed photograph.
  3. Background objects should not spoil the composition i.e. avoid a tree branch appearing to come out of the subject's head.
  4. See where the light is coming from, how is the light interacting with the scene - can you use shadows to good effect.
  5. Avoid shooting with the sun right behind you, the resulting shadows can be boring - try the light source from the side for a more interesting picture.
  6. Try and ensure lines in the picture are horizontal and not sloped i.e horizon of the sea.
  7. If applicable see if you can 'frame' your shot, could be through a window, door etc.
  8. Try your scene from a different angle i.e lying down.
  9. We are not expecting perfection - this is a children’s competition over three age groups – to give you the best chance of scooping a prize, please ensure you enter your photos in your age group.
  10. You don’t have to own an all singing and dancing camera, most automatic cameras or even smart phones will sort out the focus and lighting for you and provide excellent photos.
Please read the competition rules and guidelines for more information before entering the competition.
If you have any other questions you can message us via our Facebook page or by email
Have fun, and good luck!