The Shepherds Arms Children’s Home (SACH) aims to provide a safe and stable home-like environment for disadvantaged children that offers hope and healing to a damaged life.

SACH provides meals, accommodation and parenting for approximately 30 children who would otherwise be living rough.  Because there is no Government funding, SACH needs to rely on donations and utilise their own resources to raise revenue but also be self-sufficient for their own food supplies.


Caloundra Rotary and SACH
Humanitarian Projects International
Humanitarian Projects International Inc (HPI) is an Australian based (in Caloundra), not-for-profit organisation that operates by sending teams of caring volunteer workers wherever needed to relieve poverty and distress, thereby giving hope and a future to orphans and other underprivileged people of the world.
HPI website    HPI on Facebook
Medical Equipment for SACH
Supplying medical supplies/equipment for SACH's new Medical Outreach Centre 
Eyewear for SACH
Providing eyewear for SACH's new medical centre
SACH Agricultural Fish Farm
SACH plans to grow fish from fingerlings in a purpose built fish farm to assist the children’s home become self-sufficient in providing a supply of food.
This project was completed in 2018.