Rotary Fellowships are independent, social groups that share a common passion.  Being part of a fellowship is a fun way to make friends around the world. They help get members involved in Rotary beyond their own clubs and national borders.
So in June, we observe Rotary Fellowships Month.

Members interested in vocational service, recreational activities, or visiting Rotarians around the world can connect through programs like Rotary Friendship Exchange,  help build twin-club relationships, or find service project partners.
If you can’t find a fellowship that matches your interest, you can start your own. Begin by looking for local members who share your passion. Use social media and Rotary’s Discussion Groups to reach members around the world.  Visit My Rotary to propose a new fellowship.

Surfers Unite Rotarian Fellowship (SURF) is one of the newest fellowships. Besides connecting Rotarians and others who are interested in surfing, its mission is to attract young people to Rotary, while raising funds for Rotary causes.  Since it was officially recognized by Rotary International, the fellowship has grown to more than 320 members in 20 countries and has completed 16 events, including Learn to Surf events.
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