Kath says:
"I was born in Rochdale Lancashire England, living on a fire station were Dad was a Fire Officer.
Although it may seem strange to some the Fire Station was a great playground, we climbed the 100 foot tower, crawled through the underground passages (used for breathing apparatus training) all of which we were of course banned from entering.
On leaving school I first trained as a hairdresser, then became a nurse.
Eventually I married Ian, had a daughter Amanda and settled down in suburbia, that is until one day reading the newspaper I spotted Ian’s job description in a recruitment advert. Ian at the time was looking to move, he applied and got the position which meant moving to Hong Kong where we stayed until the 1997 Handover to China.
Living in Hong Kong was a fantastic experience totally different to suburbia in England, the pace was fast both living and working.  
On arrival I felt a déjà vu moment, I was immediately at home, in all the years I lived there I never once felt homesick. Many expatriate wives did not work in Hong Kong I of course decided that sitting around the swimming pool at the Club was not for me, so off I went to find a job.
The agency I went to offered me a post not as a Nurse or a Hairdresser but a management consultant, obviously I could talk the talk. This led to a succession of jobs from setting up the first Business Centre in Kong Kong at newly built Shangrila hotel, to Sales and Marketing Director for one of Hong Kong’s largest garment manufacturer. I was even approached to become the first female Rotarian in Hong Kong when women were  allowed to join. But declined as I was too busy working and travelling. Making up for it now though."
Kath was inducted as a member of the Rotary Club of Caloundra on Tuesday 2 October.  She continues to belong to Inner Wheel Sunshine Coast.
Welcome Kath!