We had two guest speakers today, Nerilee Sowter from Destiny Rescue & Bev Barton from Sunshine Hospice.
Darryl was able to successfully chair the meeting
despite a failed toast to NZ instead of Australia
After a bit of an "O No" moment
(There are no countries starting with an "O" which have Rotary Clubs, so his alphabetical order is stuffed up again)
... Gerry proposed an International Toast to the Rotary Club of Kokopo in PNG
Statistics supplied by Gerry, but should be confirmed by Alan before you commit them to memory
New Guinea - Population 11.3million, has 11 Rotary Clubs
Kokopo is on the island of New Britain has population of 20,000
12 members, President is Tony Liliou who hosted President Bernie, Sue, Judy, Merv & Anne and Jan & I on our visit in October 2017.
They seem to spend a lot of labour distributing Donations in Kind.,
They meet at Kenabot Residence on Thursdays 7.00pm
Darryl welcomed guests Bev, Nerilee, Jan and Charmaine
He gave us a heads up about the upcoming giant ferris wheel appearing at Bulcock Beach
(apparantly the biggest in the southern hemisphere Caloundra)
and also Mens' Health Week
President Bernie welcomed the guests and delivered the President's Report:
  • At last night's Board meeting - resignations from Peter Davis and Arnaldo Mendes, leave of absence for Anne Bowland
  • Mods to BBQ trailer approved
  • Bank account is healthy - thanks Deborah for deciding against that move to South America
  • Changeover 29th June - Chris not well so extra help needed
  • Ann Rattle is in ICU at SCUG - our thoughts go out to her
  • District Changeover 30th June at Aussie World at lunchtime
  • Send off for exchange student Chloé Mears - 22nd June, 5 Little Lane, Little Mountain, 12:00 - 3:00pm, bring a plate
  • Thanks to all who attended the Celebration of Life for Maureen Morgan
Darryl noted that a good time was had by all at the Social Night at Your Mates Brewery
Chris introduced Nerilee
Nerilee’s passion for helping those less advantaged can be traced back over many decades with 40 humanitarian trips behind her to all corners of the globe.  Her first trip was taken at just 19 years old to Papua New Guinea where she was airlifted into many remote villages to help out in whatever way she could.  This experience motivated Nerilee to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than herself.
Nerilee is the Relationship and Team Trip Manager at Destiny Rescue, an internationally-recognized Christian, not-for-profit organization; dedicated to rescuing children trapped in the sex trade. This role perfectly combines Nerilee’s humanitarian experience with her love of adventure and helping others.
(good copy and pasting Roger)
Destiny rescue works in seven nations but is funded from three, Aus, NZ and the USA
There is more slavery in the world than ever before - and last year they rescued a 17 month old child
Life expectancy for these victims is about seven years due to disease and abuse
Rescues are either "hard" or "soft"
Soft being where agents ask to sit with the girl, gain trust, then take them to a safe place
Hard when evidence is gathered and is followed up by a police raid
Corruption is rife in these countries so it is often hard to get action
The care given after the rescues takes approx six months and involves re-integration, after care, vocational training, life lessons, English, art etc to set up a foundation to heal.  Sometimes it is an institutional setting but there is also independent living.
There is an 80% success rate
Chris thanked Nerilee
Deborah introduced Bev Barton, from Sunshine Hospice
Bev was initially a New Zealander, spent much of her life in Africa, and was married in Canada
Her hospital experience in NZ and at Buderim Private Hospital has positioned her well to follow up on the necessity for hospice care on the Coast
The journey started with Terri and Sue, who set up a two bed facility at Doonan, then Katie Rose Cottage, a six bed facility in an old B&B establishment.
The late Rotarian from our Club, Jim Adam was given a honourable mention.  Gaining government funding is a problem and Katie Rose closed in 2015.
They have "re-grouped", modelled the operation on the Toowoomba Hospice,
purchased land in Buderim, had plans prepared and are negotiating the planning approvals.
Plans for the new six bed facility
The proposal is two levels, with six beds and support facilities upstairs, with a ground floor unit which can house a family.
Income is from their Op Shops, they have two paid staff and 200 volunteers
They are going for State/Federal funding of approx $1.5m, with an operational budget of $1.5m to $1.7m per year
Darryl thanked Bev
Alan encouraged us all to get our eyes checked, and even approved of Darryl's "one eyed" comments
Ron backed up Alan - his diabetes was diagnosed following an eye check
Gerry basked in his "Master's Prize" for Orchid growing
Darryl hastily closed the meeting before any more adverse comments were headed in his direction