ShelterBox is working closely with Rotary in Indonesia.  We have great support from Rotary in Lombok, support from the Governor and also connections with Rotary in Jakarta.  We have dispatched a ShelterBox Response Team who are ready to undertake an assessment to determine if we can provide assistance.   Rotary will be invaluable in helping us get through the barriers in conducting our assessment in-country and providing support if it is required.  
For a video briefing on the recent earthquake in Indonesia visit our special update from ShelterBox here. 

  • This is the second earthquake that has hit Lombok, Indonesia in the last week
  • A 6.4 magnitude on the Richter scale earthquake hit last week
  • A further 7 magnitude earthquake hit Lombok this week
  • 100 people confirmed dead and hundreds injured
  • Over 20,000 people have been displaced by the earthquakes
  • 3,000 buildings have been completely destroyed 
  • Tens of 1000s of buildings are damaged
  • Whole mosques have come down
  • There has been substantial movement of the earth causing major damage
  • We have Rotary support in Indonesia that will help us in our assessment phase
  • We have deployed a team to do an assessment to see if we can assist the government response
  • Indonesia traditionally doesn't allow outside agencies to work unless there has been a declaration of emergency.  They haven't got there yet but there could be strong aftershocks which we are monitoring
  • Places are cut off because of infrastructure damage and this damage could rise
  • Our assessment team will look to see if our aid that is stored regionally can be used
  • We are ready and prepared to provide assistance if we are called on for support