Sunday funday with the kids

One of  the local Rotarians opened their home to the kids - swimming games, lots and lots of food - even chocolate.  ... awesome!
The sounds of genuine laughter and excitement was an honour for Darry to be part of.
How good is The World of Rotary
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The previous day Mark & Darryl attended the Shepherds Arm Orphanage to distribute the gifts from our Rotary Club of Caloundra.

Darryl says it was probably one of the most humbling experiences of his life - 24 kids over the moon with appreciation for what we all take for granted: a tooth brush, shampoo, soap, some small stationery items and new underwear.  The smiles and laughter from each child as they opened their gifts will stay with him forever.

He even took the time to Facetime his similarly aged grandkids so as they may share the experience.  Both Jett and Zahli spoke with the kids and soon everyone was talking back and forth the giggling was magical to watch and listen to.

We then shared a meal together - Great afternoon - Memorable