Next Tuesday's Meeting
Next Tuesday's meeting will take the form of an Open Forum to discuss our meeting formats.  It is one of the areas where the 2016 Council on Legislation - Rotary's Parliament - has given clubs new flexibility.
President Peter's Musings
During my time spent in Rotary, including talking to more senior members and attending any Rotary function or Conference, there is always the common theme: for Rotary to remain a viable option, prosper and grow, it has to change.
I'm sure some of you are tired of this continual mantra.  But, stop and think, if Rotary has to change, you, the members must be active in the change process.  I'm sure you wouldn't want to be responsible for preventing the progression of Rotary through change.
Our Board is currently in consultation with it's members to facilitate necessary changes to the way our Club operates.  Shortly, you will have the opportunity to express your input regarding important aspects such as Membership Fees, Meeting Formats and Formalities, and most importantly Budgeting and Expenditure.  If there is a need to discuss further areas of interest, the Board will welcome that, also.
Last week, I wrote about "The Constant that is Change".  This week I'd like to share with you:
Grant for Agricultural Fish Farming project approved

District Grant approved
Rotary District 9600 has approved the grant application for our project to establish a purpose built fish farm in Bohol, Philippines in partnership with Humanitarian Projects International and the Rotary Clubs of Gladstone and Bohol.   The grant is $1,000.
Total budget: $2,000   Project Timing: 3-16 September 2018
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Unitywater launches Reconciliation Action Plan at Rotary Park
Unitywater held a special celebration at Rotary Park - Duck Holes Creek on 31 May to launch its Reconciliation Action Plan and its latest Community Artwork project on the newly built sewage pump station. 
President Elect Bernie, Noel & Olive Begley, Gerry & Les represented Caloundra Rotary at the ceremony

The Reel

5 June
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Jun 26, 2018
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Upcoming Events
Board Meeting
McGrath Real Estate
Jun 11, 2018
3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
District Changeover
Old Petrie Town
Jun 17, 2018 12:00 PM
Rotary International Convention
Toronto, Canada
Jun 23, 2018 – Jun 27, 2018
Sunshine Coast Solstice Swim
Alexandra Headlands
Jun 24, 2018 7:45 AM
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June 24
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June 6
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June 20
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June 1, 1987
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June 8, 2010
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June 8, 2010
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June 8, 2001
17 years
Heidi Solymosi
June 27, 2014
4 years
Iain Nye
June 30, 1997
21 years
Last Tuesday's Meeting
President Elect Bernie welcomed our Guest Speakers, then called on Alan Still to propose our International Toast to the Rotary Club of Khartoum, the only club in Sudan (population 39.6m).
Gordon Hamilton entertained us with 3+ minutes on his colourful life and the build-up to his career in the Sporting Goods industry that really started with the purchase of a firearms company in New Zealand with tennis great Roy Emerson. 
In fact Gordon told us that, as a tennis player, he was No. 2 to Roy with whom he went to Public School, and boarded with at Ipswich Grammar for first year.  In between, he worked with Golden Circle which exported a lot of Pineapple, principally to the UK when Gordon moved to London for a year and stayed for four before heading up the NSW operation on his return.
Gloria van Donge was our Guest Speaker.  She has written a series of books about a family of five gifted cheetah cubs is designed to provide a few snapshots of the world of the gifted and talented child.  More information here.
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