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Our Pink Shoelace Moments
At the District Changeover, Governor Wendy related a story of two boys and the days they started wearing a pink shoelace.  It was a true story and gave her the opportunity to paint the vision she has for our District 9600 clubs this year. 
She said:
We need to all be looking for those who are different, looking for those doing it tough and we need to decide how we, as active Rotarians in our communities and across the globe will take steps to show them we care, to show them that we are serious (albeit while we are in the midst of fun and fellowship) in our commitment to being the inspiration to improve their opportunities in life.  Maybe we walk quietly beside them, maybe we give them the resources to alter their situation or maybe we actively roll up our sleeves and participate.
Whenever we do, as individual Rotarians or as a club we need to remind ourselves that this is our PINK SHOELACE MOMENT and before it slips away we need to capture an image.
At our District Conference we’ll all have the chance to see how other Rotarians in District 9600 were the Inspiration to a life of change………
Every one step can be an inspiration - looking at them together they have the capacity to let us see how transformational Rotary truly is !!!!!!!!!!!!
District Conference 2019
The 2019 District 9600 Rotary Conference is now available for registration.
For all Conference information, and to register, head to
Register before 28 February and go into the draw to win 1 in 4 total conference refunds! 

Remember, it is FREE to register for the Conference (required); meals are extra!

Our Last Meeting
Anne was our chairperson and gave us a warm welcome to the "Best little club on the Sunshine Coast".
Great meeting with guest speaker Dean Aitken, celebrant and author of "Good Grief" who believes that tough times don't last - resilient people do.  Dean helps transform lives through sharing his life's journey.
Worthy mention for the International Toast which recognised Rotary's 114th  birthday, so PDG Alan appropriately toasted the very first Rotary Club operating as ROTARY/One.
March is Water & Sanitation month
RI President's March message
One of the things I appreciate most about serving as president of Rotary International is the people I get to meet. Much of my time is spent traveling and visiting Rotary clubs around the world. A Rotarian welcome is something quite special. But let me tell you, there's nothing so warm as the welcomes that have been rolled out for me by Rotaractors. These are young people who are committed to Rotary ideals, who are pouring their hearts into service, and who, in the process, don't forget to have fun.
Rotary is powerful. Together with Rotaract, it is unstoppable. Working side by side, we have the potential to Be the Inspiration in every part of society, to every person we meet.
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Did you take the virtual tour?

Take a virtual tour of Room 711

Each year, thousands of visitors to Rotary headquarters experience Room 711, a recreation of the office where, on 23 February 1905, Paul Harris met with three acquaintances to start a club based on “mutual cooperation and informal friendship.”
The original office was located in the former Unity Building on Dearborn Street in downtown Chicago. In 1980, local Rotary members rented it and gathered period furnishings and fixtures to re-create the look and feel of an early 20th century office. Later, they organized the Paul Harris 711 Club to continue supporting the room and the story it tells. When the Unity Building was set to be demolished in 1989, they dismantled the room and arranged to rebuild it later at Rotary world headquarters.
The room was initially recreated on the 16th floor of One Rotary Center. We relocated it to the first floor as part of a remodeling in 2014, improving access for visitors who come to Evanston.
We wanted to give our members around the world an opportunity to experience the room without traveling to Evanston so we created a virtual tour.
Virtual visitors can guide themselves through the room and click on select items to learn about them and about Chicago during the era when Paul Harris moved to Chicago and started Rotary. The interactive tour isn’t just for people who can’t come to Evanston. It offers elements not available onsite, such as audio recordings of Paul Harris (hint: click on the phone). Armchair travel is encouraged!
This year, 23 February, marks the 114th anniversary of Rotary. Read more about Room 711 and take the virtual tour.
This is one of several spaces at Rotary headquarters that visitors can walk through to learn more about Rotary. Find out how you can schedule a tour.
Image: Room 711 on the 1st floor of Rotary headquarters in Evanston, Illinois, USA.
By Rotary Heritage Communications staff
End Polio Now newsletter
Although work remains before we fully end polio, we can be proud of the incredible progress we’ve made, working with our partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. As we begin 2019, Rotary is advancing toward our top goal in five notable ways.
Rotary's Vision
Sunshine Coast Photographic Competition
The Sunshine Coast Photographic Competition is open to primary and secondary school children living on the Sunshine Coast. The closing date is 29 March 2019 (midnight AEST).
The theme for the inaugural competition covers two categories: Animals, & Natural Environment
Each category will be divided into age groups: up to 10 years ; 10-12 years ; 12-15 years ; and 15 years +
There will be prizes for the winner in each category by age group

Full details at:
Foundation Trustee Chair's March message
The last quarter of the Rotary year is approaching, and it's time to check our progress. In January a year ago, we set a series of fundraising goals, and this June, we will give ourselves a report card. What will it be?
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How do we innovate at Rotary?
By John Hewko, Rotary International General Secretary
Innovation and flexibility. Those are two words you hear a lot today when we think about any organization adapting to a rapidly changing environment.  But what do those two words mean for Rotary?
In short, they will define Rotary’s future, because they are fundamental pillars of our strategic plan for enhanced impact, reach, engagement and adaptability.
If we are really serious about growing Rotary and attracting new members from all demographics, we must innovate.
That innovation will need to take various forms.
It begins, first, with making the idea of innovation in Rotary a mindset. It begins with developing a culture of positive change and adapting to the needs of our new realities and challenges.
Second, innovation is also about transformative technologies. We can call this sustaining innovation – that is, constantly developing our suite of products to serve our existing members.
We have implemented this concept of sustaining innovation through three channels of new technology: Rotary’s Learning CenterRotary Club Central, and an enhanced online membership leads program. Now, all these tools are at your disposal, and many new ones are in the process of being developed. Their consistent use should be a key foundation of our future growth strategy.
The third kind of innovation that we must aspire to generate at Rotary is called disruptive innovation.
In the world of business, it refers to a product or service, often very simple in its first design. This product or service takes root at the bottom of a market, and then relentlessly grows in popularity, until it displaces established competitors.
Think of how the traditional taxi cab business has been changed forever by ride sharing platforms such as Uber, which connects consumers who need rides with drivers willing to provide them.
With a growing group of individuals looking for connection, friendship, and an opportunity to get involved in the world around them, Rotary is well positioned to be a disruptive innovator.
“If we are really serious about growing Rotary and attracting new members from all demographics, we must innovate.”
Imagine for a moment what Rotary clubs could look like in the future.  Clubs that could change their meeting schedule and format, can relax attendance requirements, and offer multiple membership types.
Think of a club where you can invite Rotaractors to be members of your club while they are still in Rotaract.
A club of the future, where measuring adherence to the rules is replaced with measuring progress against goals to improve the community and to grow the club.
Well, you don’t have to imagine very far, because these clubs already exist.
Next Rotary Generation Invercargill is a family-friendly club in New Zealand with fluid meeting times and venues.  While attendance is encouraged, it is not compulsory.
The Rotary Club of Aruba systematically engages with its local Rotaract and Interact Clubs to ensure a smooth and natural transition into the Rotary club. As a result, half of the club members are former Rotaractors.
Then there are the so-called Passport clubs. Three years ago District 5180 in California began thinking about a club model that would be attractive to younger members who were not interested in attending weekly meetings or paying dues they could not afford.
The district chartered what they called a Passport club with 20 members in Sacramento, California. The club meets only six times a year with an optional social event in the month between meetings.  In addition to attending the six required meetings, every year passport members must either contribute $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation OR do at least 40 hours of community service with Rotary clubs or other non-profits in the district.
This club has more than tripled its membership in three years.
A long-term sustainable growth strategy just doesn’t appear out of thin air. It requires a commitment to club innovation and flexibility; a commitment to best serving the specific needs of our communities as they evolve, and to incorporate Rotaractors into Rotary.
I challenge all of us to think out of the box, and to grow Rotary through new innovative club models and to try new approaches.
I’m confident that we will embrace the opportunities ahead of us through innovation, flexibility and thoughtful change.
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