Next Tuesday's meeting
This week's meeting is our regular 'Open Forum' to discuss matters arising from the Board meeting the previous afternoon, as well as other matters of interest to our members.
Fish farm project being implemented in Bohol
Mark Ward and Darryl Laing are overseeing this project on behalf of the club for about a week during the construction period  3-16 September.
On the morning of the second day, Darryl reports that all is going to plan - all the purchasing was completed yesterday after a full day shopping in a very congested town - definitely third world.
Purchases being delivered to the orphanage this morning after breakfast and a walk on the beach.  Let the project start!
The project
Our last meeting
Straight back from her European jaunt, Megyn was thrust into the chair of our meeting which was to hear from eight of our retired members about 'Is Retirement what I thought it would be?'.
But first Alan proposed an International Toast to the Rotary Club of Berne, Switzerland which is in Rotary District 1990.
President Bernie had some reminders for us:
District Governor's newsletter
The crisis being faced by our farmers in Queensland and New South Wales, in this expansive drought, has focussed our minds on how we, in Australia, need to look after each other and to look for innovative ways to manage our rugged land.

The Board determined that District 9600 needed to show our support for those at the coalface, working to give service to help Aussies through the tough times ahead.

As a Board, we have allocated, on your behalf, $10,000 each to three of the RAWCS Drought Relief Programs ….
2019 Charity Golf Day Launch breakfast
Member Profile : Chris Milligan
Chris Milligan has a BSc in Zoology; a MSc in marine biology; a MPhil in Catchment Water Quality Assessment; and was a Certified Environmental Practitioner.
He worked for 38 years as an Environmental Scientist in assessment and water quality management of marine, estuarine and freshwater systems, toxic waste disposal, infrastructure and mining environmental management and  community disaster management.
Chris has worked in nine different countries outside Australia, mostly in the Indo-Pacific region, primarily on AusAID (Australian Government) community assistance projects.  He also undertook voluntary work helping his wife in her voluntary community work in mitigating the effects of domestic violence, such as helping resettle affected women and children.

The Reel

4 September
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Next Tuesday
Strong, Bernadette
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Rees, Chris
My Vocation
Robinson, Sue
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Sep 11, 2018
Sep 18, 2018
Golf Day Launch at Pelican Waters Golf Club
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Upcoming Events
Volunteering at Shepherds Arms Children’s Home
Shepherds Arms Children’s Home
Sep 03, 2018 – Sep 16, 2018
Charity Golf Day at RQ
Royal Queensland Golf Club
Sep 10, 2018
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Member Birthdays
Noel Begley
September 10
Norm Bourguignon
September 11
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September 13
Anne Boland
September 16
Trevor Gilliland
September 19
Les Walsh
September 27
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Narelle Davis
September 6
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September 7
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September 14
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September 17
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Olive Begley
September 12
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September 14
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Jim Lombard
September 12, 2017
1 year
Les Walsh
September 21, 2001
17 years
Gerry storms home
Gerry certainly knows what he’s doing in regard to orchids! He has won a Grand Champion of Species and a Champion of Species and a First Prize.
Congratulations Gerry!
Updated buddy list
Noel Begley  Graham Baker
Ian Belcher Chris Milligan
Alan Bethune Neville Woodforth
Helen Fox Genta Tsukimori
Darryl Laing Trevor Gilliland
Arnaldo Mendes Chris Rees
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Roger Todd
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Your member profile welcomed
We have heard from many of our members in the 'Three Minutes on Me' segment at our meetings, and we are just starting to learn about the vocations of our working members.
So, the editor of our weekly newsletter 'The Reel' would like to feature your Member Profile in The Reel.  In addition to the feature appearing in The Reel, it will make a perfect post for our Facebook page.
The Profile would include snippets of your working life, retirement highlights, the reasons you joined Rotary, and something of your life as a Rotarian in Caloundra and elsewhere.
We encourage you to put pen to paper and contribute to this segment please. 
Don't be shy - we want to hear from you?  Just send an email to Les at one of our meetings.
2019 Charity Golf Day Launch breakfast
UPDATED Promotional flyers for Golf Day
Please re-download the registration form/flyers/posters as they have been updated
The Golf Day Committee led by Gordon Hamilton asks that you download the flyers and use them to seek out sponsors for the Surf and Turf classic 2019 Charity Golf Day
Come to our meeting at Pelican Waters Golf Club on 18 September to launch the event
A new venue for September
All our Tuesday morning meetings in September will be held at Pelican Waters Golf Club.
Same time, same day, different venue
Please let us know you are coming by registering at these links:
Teddy Bears' Picnic 2018
Welcome to the 2018 Teddy Bear’s Picnic by the Rotary Club of Caloundra.  Join us at the Oaks Oasis Resort lawn area on Landsborough Parade, Caloundra from 10am to 3pm for a fun-filled day for all the family. 
Lots of fun things to see and do,  gold coin entry,  food to enjoy and memories to be made.  Be sure to bring along your favourite teddy as you could win a fabulous prize.
Activities include kids yoga,  story telling, apple bobbing, egg and spoon races, animal farm and loads more to enjoy.
Of course the Rotary sausage sizzle will be in full flight too!
Teddy Bears' Picnic 2018
Lots of fun things to see and do,  gold coin entry,  food to enjoy and memories to be made. 
Be sure to bring along your favourite teddy as you could win a fabulous prize.
Loads of fun to enjoy!
Find out more
Hand Towels wanted for the Teddy Bears' Picnic
Ann Rattle has offered to make Teddy Bears to sell at our upcoming Teddy Bears' Picnic.
All I am asking is that every member donate a hand towel so that Ann can do her thing and make these cute Teddy Bears.  
If you can help, please bring it along to next week's meeting.  It doesn't matter what colour.
UPDATE: 2018 Drought Relief Fund for Australian Farmers
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