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Next Tuesday's Meeting
Jan 29, 2019
Shephards Arms Children's Home (SACH) & Agricultural Fish Farm, Bohol, Philippines
Shephards Arms Children's Home (SACH) & Agricultural Fish Farm, Bohol, Philippines
Rotary Club of Caloundra members Mark, Irish and Darryl will tell us all about their recent visit to the orphanage and fish farm. Mark commented: "what did impress me were the efforts to be self-sufficient through SACH's agricultural activities and I think that is highly worth supporting". Reflecting the desire to be self-sufficient, SACH plans to grow fish from fingerlings in a purpose built fish farm to assist the children’s home become self-sufficient in providing a supply of food.  A revenue stream from selling surplus fish is anticipated.
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Our Last Meeting
Shelters for Disaster Zones - Providing low-cost shelter systems for emergency response including multi-purpose, fold-up and flat pack systems.
Alan McGaw speaks about how shelter can provide hope for those that have lost everything.
Rotary Club of BHAWAL - Bangladesh
Country : Bangladesh
City : GAZIPUR which is in the mid south of Bangladesh with population of 123000, consisting of 52% male 48% female
Population density is 2505 per square kilometre- compared with Brisbane 148
Gazipur has three (3) Rotary Clubs
We are acknowledging the Rotary Club of BHAWAL which meets at Main Hall Room, City Corporation on Fridays at 7.00pm
  • Founded in 2013
  • Official language- English
  • 48 members 44 male, 4 female
  • Board consists of 21 members
  • Has 20 Paul Harris fellows.
  • Membership details are available to the public and gives address, spouse name & date of birth of member and spouse, blood group, email address
  • Under member’s contribution is listed every member and the amount they have contributed which seems to include Paul Harris Fellowship.
Activities include : Tree plantation at a school, Submersible pump and tank somewhere, Vitamin A capsule distribution, Sewing machine distribution, wheel chair and bread and sugar parcels.
Sunshine Coast Photographic Competition
The Sunshine Coast Photographic Competition is open to primary and secondary school children living on the Sunshine Coast. The closing date is 29 March 2019 (midnight AEST).
The theme for the inaugural competition covers two categories:
  • Animals & Natural Environment
Each category will be divided into age groups:
  • up to 10 years ; 10-12 years ; 12-15 years ; 15 years +
There will be prizes for the winner in each category by age group
Providing Bio Toilets in Bhubaneswar slums
Caloundra Rotary - in conjunction with a Global Grant from The Rotary Foundation and other clubs & districts in Australia and India - is involved in a US$31,500  project to provide 40 bio toilets in 10 urban slums; originally 20 slums were to be targeted but the reduced number will provide greater effectiveness. 
The first part of the project will be inaugurated during the visit of Rotary International President Elect Mark Maloney on 19 February to Rotary International District 3262.
It is anticipated that this project will be completed within the 2018-19 Rotary year.  The project team is working on how to proceed with the other slums that have now been excluded.
There has also been a change in the training organisation.  For more details of the latest changes, logon to the website, then click here.
Bhubaneswar is the capital of the Indian state of Odisha.  It is the largest city in Odisha and is a centre of economic and religious importance in Eastern India.  Bhubaneswar is often referred to as a "Temple City of India".
But ..... there are 338 unauthorised slums in Bhubaneswar  - many households do not have toilets and a few who have sanitary toilets have no drainage, water and maintenance facilities!!
RI President's February message
In my travels over the past year, I've visited many strong, vibrant clubs and districts that are transforming their communities. When I attend their meetings, I can feel the energy. When I meet their members, I can see they are people of action. And when I look at their communities, I can recognize the impact of their work.
I've also visited communities with Rotary clubs that were hardly more than social clubs. It shouldn't ever be that way. Fortunately, there's a simple approach that I believe can help revitalize any club.
If your club is transformational and well-organized, everything else will follow. Members will be engaged, and new members will be eager to join you. Fundraising will be easier: People love to give when they see how their money is making a difference and when they know the organization is accountable. Your club will be vibrant, relevant, and alive — and it will Be the Inspiration to those within its ranks as well as to the community it serves.
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Foundation Trustee Chairs February message
Every second of every day, Rotarians are doing good in the world through The Rotary Foundation. They are planning, funding, implementing, and completing projects, both locally and globally. It is a source of great pride for us all.
To me, this is one of the unique features of Rotary membership. You can get as involved as you choose. You can participate in a project from beginning to end, or you can join in anywhere in the process. But it all starts with you and me making a gift to our Foundation so that funds are available....
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February is Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution month
Conflict and violence displace millions of people each year.  Half of those killed in conflict are children, and 90 percent are civilians.
Rotarians refuse to accept conflict as a way of life.  Rotary projects provide training that fosters understanding and provides communities with the skills to resolve conflicts.
Through our service projects, peace fellowships, and scholarships, our members are taking action to address the underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, inequality, ethnic tension, lack of access to education, and unequal distribution of resources.
Through academic training, study, and practice the Rotary Peace Centres program develops leaders who become catalysts for peace and conflict prevention and resolution in their communities and around the globe.  Graduates of the program are reintegrating refugees in Sudan, creating jobs for disadvantaged women in India, and supporting reconstruction in devastated regions of the world.
District Conference 2019
The 2019 District 9600 Rotary Conference is now available for registration.
For all Conference information, and to register, head to
Register before 28th February and go into the draw to win 1 in 4 total conference refunds! 

Remember, it is FREE to register for the Conference (required); meals are extra!

An evening with PRID Bryn Styles
Rotary Connects the World in 2019-20
Rotary International President-elect Mark Daniel Maloney explained his vision for building a stronger Rotary, calling on leaders to expand connections to their communities and to embrace innovative membership models.
“The first emphasis is to grow Rotary — to grow our service, to grow the impact of our projects, but most importantly, to grow our membership so that we can achieve more,” Maloney said.
Maloney believes that connection is at the heart of the Rotary experience.
“(Rotary) allows us to connect with each other, in deep and meaningful ways, across our differences,” Maloney said. “It connects us to people we would never otherwise have met, who are more like us than we ever could have known. It connects us to our communities, to professional opportunities, and to the people who need our help.”
Maloney urged leaders to offer alternative meeting experiences and service opportunities to make it easier for busy professionals and people with many family obligations to serve in leadership roles.
“We need to foster a culture where Rotary does not compete with the family, but rather complements it,” Maloney said. “That means taking real, practical steps to change the existing culture: being realistic in our expectations, considerate in our scheduling, and welcoming of children at Rotary events on every level.”
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National Youth Science Forum - C (Canberra)
Jan 16, 2019 – Jan 27, 2019
Conoco Phillips Science Experience
Griffith Uni, QUT, UQ
Jan 22, 2019 – Jan 25, 2019
Bunnings BBQ - Saturday
Bunnings Caloundra
Feb 09, 2019
8:00 AM – 3:30 PM
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