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  • Our first meeting in 2018 will be on Tuesday 16 January - it is billed as a slow start as most of us will still be in  recovery mode
  • The meeting on 23 January is being transformed into a 'mobile meeting' whereby two or three of us will be requested to visit each of the other Rotary clubs in our cluster or vicinity.  A roster might be a good idea to ensure we limit numbers!
  • On 30 January, we will receive reports from the visits to other clubs
Welcome to Rachael & Megyn
Rachael says "This morning I'm honoured to be inducted as a member of the Rotary Club of Caloundra. A wonderful mix of people from all walks of life and professions, coming together in friendship and with integrity serving the community... looking forward to fun times, how flipping brilliant!"
President Peter with new members Megyn & Rachael
District Governor John Lane and President Elect Bernie Strong are pictured with newly inducted members, Rachael, and Megyn.
LifeFlight News
LifeFlight has advised that the funds we donated have been put towards the purchase of wetsuits.  See the original story here.
LifeFlight is in the process of purchasing new wetsuits for our crew however there has been a delay in production so they have had to buy some interim wetsuits in which our funds will be deposited towards.
Fundraising Assistant, Mandy Hentschel thanked us so much again "for your amazing support during 2017".
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Bunnings BBQ
Bunnings Caloundra
Dec 27, 2017
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
ClubRunner Clinic - 2018 Series - Day 1
McGrath Real Estate
Jan 17, 2018
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Helen Fox
January 5
Rachael Witton
January 6
Bernie Strong
January 8
Gerry Swan
January 18
Ian Belcher
January 27
Alan Bethune
January 31
Arnaldo Mendes
December 11
Sue Robinson
December 15
Darryl Laing
December 17
Ann Rattle
December 20
Anna Wheildon
December 23
Ron Strong
December 26
Chris Milligan
December 29
Spouse Birthdays
Bernie Strong
January 8
Lorelle Ward
January 22
Peter Fox
January 22
Jan Condon
January 25
Archie Snyman
December 18
Ron Strong
December 26
Merv Paddison
Anne Paddison
January 4
Lyn Roberts
Lexley Roberts
January 27
Chris Milligan
Glen Milligan
December 20
James Condon
Jan Condon
December 30
Join Date
Stephen Engstrom
January 26, 2016
2 years
Deb Taylor
December 31, 2004
13 years
President Peter's Christmas Musings
Everyone loves Christmas and the Members of the Rotary Club of Caloundra are no exception.
Tuesday was our last Breakfast for the year and it also set the scene for our famous Secret Santa game.  This meant we all had to bring a present to put under the tree (or on the desk in the corner, in our case).
President Elect, Bernie was in control of the finances for the morning, taking our money at the desk.
I assumed the role of Chair after Sergeant Deb almost cracked her glass with her knife, for order in the room.
Following usual tradition, it was Grace, then a Toast to our great nation, then over to our esteemed, elder statesman for the magical, mystical tour to the part of the world chosen for the International Toast. Still, Alan surprised everyone and took us to D9350 to the Rotary Club of Durban in South Africa.  Please click on this link to go to the Facebook Page of this Club and check up on Alan's memory of statistics.
Our Club is very fortunate to have two Christian leaders in our midst.  James from the Salvos and Chukwudi, the local Catholic Parish Priest.  Sadly, we discovered, this morning, Chukwudi has answered the calling to transfer to the Parish of Kingaroy and Nanango.  This is very sad for our Club.  "Chuk" is a very popular man and has nearly converted half our Club to the Catholic faith by attending his Mass every Sunday.
"Chuk", you will be sorely missed.  We always enjoy you sneaking in late to Breakfast and flashing those big, pearly white teeth when you smile.  Our loss is certainly the gain of your new home.  We wish you well and hope that you settle in your new role and please visit us anytime you come to the coast to practise your surfing skills.
All the responsibility then fell on "Chuk".  Being his final Breakfast with us, he had to provide his Three Minutes on Me segment, followed by the Christmas Message.  Once again, we have learnt about the diversity of Members within our Club with this segment.  Chuk's life has been a very interesting one, geographically, religiously and exposure to Rotary from a very young age.
The Christmas Message "Chuk" conveyed to us was very simple.  Christmas is Rotary and Rotary is Christmas.  He said, what we do in Rotary by serving our community, above self, is the message of Christmas.
Among those present, I'd like to make special mention of our 'part time' members.  A BIG WELCOME to Trevor and Anna.  It was so nice to see you both for our Christmas Breakfast.  I understand Trevor received special permission to disembark at the port of Brisbane, from his Cruise Boat, in time to make breakfast and Anna rode her horse from one of her farms at Toogoolawah.  Great effort from both of you !
Also present were two lovely ladies, to be inducted as our Club's newest Members.  Both Megyn and Rachael come highly credentialed and recommended to become integral members of our Club.  Megyn, proposed by Gerry, and Rachael, by Darryl, are eager and enthusiastic.  Just what we need in a new Rotarian.
I've conducted a little of my own research and have come up with a snippet of what both our new Members are capable of.  I'm sure you'll agree, both will be valuable contributors to our Club.
Megyn Carpenter
As Marketing Strategist and Web Coach, Megyn is passionate about helping business owners achieve maximum success with new technology and online marketing.  Read more about Megyn here.
Rachael Witton
... Rachael is utilising her combined skills of crisis management, business strategy and mindful planning towards a sustainable future for all who rely on this critical support in our community.  Rachael has delivered holistic solutions to clients in crisis for years using an eye for detail, an open mind for creativity, a heart for compassionate and empathetic understanding and an outlook for continual blue sky view of what is possible for everyone.   Read more about Rachael on LinkedIn or log on to our website and check her biography in her Member profile.
As both ladies were inducted, we all cracked our Christmas Bon Bon's. After all the cracking and much clapping, our two newest members said a few words as each was warmly welcomed.
Both ladies went to press after the meeting - read what they had to say in this article.
Congratulations to both of you, Megyn and Rachael.  I look forward to having you as Members in our Club and working alongside you both in service to our community.
What a huge Breakfast Meeting it was. Next came the Secret Santa. A lot of fun was had with everyone receiving all manner of presents and then stealing more favourable ones from other Members.
Sergeant Deb, decided to be nice to everyone and randomly asked Members sensitive questions. It was all about Christmas and Rotary.
Following on from Breakfast, a number of Members went and surprised Norm, for coffee at his new "home".
We were also fortunate enough to have a visit (after Breakfast, unfortunately), with District Governor, John Lane.
I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and I hope the new year brings prosperity and good times.  Enjoy the Christmas break and I look forward to seeing you all again in the new year.
PS. Don't forget our Bunning's BBQ is on Wednesday 27 December.  It's tipped to be a big one !  I know the roster is full, which is always encouraging, but if you're in the area and want to pop down to say hello, I'm sure Keith would love a break from 'turning snags'.
Christmas Party Photos
Here they are
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