Swim School for Needy Toddlers and Children - PROPOSED Draft only

Have you noticed or heard about the reduction in the number of pre-school and primary school aged children who cannot swim.
Swimming lessons for Primary School Children are no longer mandatory - and there were 19 deaths in Queensland last year from drowning.
The Government has introduced a voucher scheme for Primary school children but poorer families who would like their children to swim still cannot afford to send them.  There is also a need for pre- schoolers to learn to swim.
Reserved for our partner Swim School
More information will be made available when full details are finalised.

Do you want to help?

We welcome any donations that you as an individual are willing to make towards these Learn to Swim 'scholarships'.  Your donation will help us to help more children learn this vital skill.  Donate here
If your swim school would like to join with us by part-sponsoring our 'swim scholarships' to extend the scheme, then please contact .....