If you are unable to fulfil your duty, please:
Organise a replacement, and email the name of the replacement to Ian Belcher so the roster can be updated

Be prepared

There is also a reminder/link in every edition of 'The Reel'
06 April   Stephen Engstrom   Trevor Gilliland   Darryl Laing  
13 April   Trevor Gilliland   Darryl Laing   Jim Lombard  
20 April   Darryl Laing   Jim Lombard   Chris Milligan  
27 April   Jim Lombard   Chris Milligan   Deb Taylor  
04 May   Chris Milligan   Sue Robinson   Bernie Strong  
12 May   Sunshine    Coast   University  
18 May   Bernie Strong   Deb Taylor   Roger Todd  
25 May   Deb Taylor   Roger Todd   Mark Ward  
01 June   Roger Todd   Mark Ward   Genta Tsukimori  
08 June   Mark Ward   Alan Bethune   Judy Clark  
15 June   Alan Bethune   Judy Clark   Stephen Engstrom  
22 June   Judy Clark   Stephen Engstrom   Trevor Gilliland  
29 June   Stephen Engstrom   Trevor Gilliland   Darryl Laing