E Meetings and The Four Way Test
Jan 30, 2018
Michelle Lightworker
E Meetings and The Four Way Test

Michelle Lightworker is a member of the Rotary E-Club of World Peace and has prepared a documentary on the Four Way Test.

Michelle is an Enlightenment Activist and Executive Producer of FiveD.TV. She is collaborating creatively on a multitude of projects to encourage peace and unity on the planet. Humanitarian TV/Radio Host, Film Producer, Author of 10 books, editor of Lightworker Magazine & creator of the Lightworker Practitioner Training, Michelle role models and encourages illuminated leadership of the highest vibrations. Michelle is the Director of the not-for-profit organisation Lightworker Foundation Ltd aimed at Elevating Enlightened Enterprises.

Michelle worked as a Clinical Holistic Counsellor in private practice specialising in multi-addictions & trauma recovery, from 2001-2007 prior to expanding into Enlightenment Education and Activism.

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