Australian Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians
Mar 09, 2021
Jeanne Motteram
Australian Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians

Jeanne Motteram – Bio

Jeanne was born and educated in Adelaide completing a Bachelor of Business in 1993. She was a Police Officer for 11 years, ending her career as a Detective Brevet Sergeant with the Anti-Corruption Branch.  She completed Certificate 4’s in Building and Residential Drafting, worked within the Residential Building Industry, designing, estimating and coordinating the construction of homes. Jeanne obtained her South Australian Builders Licence.

The thought of another winter in Adelaide helped Jeanne decide it was time to find somewhere else to live.  After driving most of east coast of Australia in 2012, Jeanne stopped in Townsville for 4 years where she worked in new home and land sales. There she obtained her residential design licence and had her Builders’ Licence transferred to Queensland.

Jeanne decided to take another road trip and collected her father in Adelaide to accompany her across the Nullarbor. In the middle of 2017 Jeanne’s aunt and cousins needed a hand in Brisbane, so her drive around Australia was cut short as she flew there from Broome.

By now she had decided where she wanted to live and the type of business she wanted to run.  So in 2017 she moved to the Sunshine Coast, the best place to live, and started Colomba Property.  The business has had a slight change in focus and is now assisting seniors clear out their homes when they move into Aged Care Facilities or families dealing with a deceased estate.