Rotary Club of North Pole

The Rotary Club of North Pole is in Rotary District 5010, Alaska, USA.  It was chartered in 1978, has nine members and 2327 honorary members all with the single classification of “Elf”.
Meets Wednesday at midday at Mount McKinley Bank, 45 Saint Nicholas Drive, North Pole AK 99705.
Phone (907) 488 4438
President Mr S Claus,
Secretary : Zwarte Piet
Treasurer: Ms Sugarplum Mary
Immediate Past President: Mr Shinny Upatree
Activities include Construction of a Bus Shelter
Outdoor Sports Park for skateboarders
Adopted a mile of State highway to keep clean from litter.
Makes and provides toy and gifts for approximately 7.7 billion people who have been good during the year.
A Member, Dave Gardner has suggested …..
With many clubs struggling to attract younger members, consider inviting a non-Rotarian friend or co-worker to your next social or service project — rather than to a club meeting.  It’s a more casual approach that can be highly effective in introducing others to your club’s activities.  And it’s a way for your non-Rotarian friends to meet club members.  An invitation to a club meeting can come later; this year, focus on engagement by inviting community members to experience Rotary in active service.
If unsure as to the facts, please Google “Rotary Club of North Pole”