Our chair for the day Ana was introduced by Sergeant Ian
Welcome to visitors Alf, Keanon and Ivy
Ana propose the international toast to the Rotary Club of Malvín in Uruguay
James delivered his report, and noted this would be the last meeting for 2021
If you’ve noticed he hasn’t been around as much lately, well, he’s had a rather nasty infection
  • Thanks to Kath and Ian for hosting our Christmas party. Ian is having knee surgery today
  • There were a couple of words on the STEMM Graduation, a most successful program
  • He has been talking to Iain Bennett about Ben Bennett Park
  • Roger, Merv and Jim will be attending a meeting at Council in Nambour on Wednesday next
  • The raffle is moving very slowly so push push push, volunteers I need it to sell in Bulcock Street outside Darryl’s
  • There was a board meeting yesterday, attended by president elect Jim
  • The District Conference is in Caloundra in March – we will have a stall showcasing local produce in the House of Friendship
  • Roger‘s mother-in-law passed away yesterday aged 99
  • Good to see Richard here although “all wired up”
  • Gordon - has had his last radiation treatment
Janes introduced Ivy to deliver the joke for the day Q -What has a head and tail but no body? A a point.

Not to be outdone, Richard mention the horse found in the bar of the outback pub. The bartender asked “why the long face?”
Judy thanked us for our Rotary Foundation donations
Darryl reported on Jett’s voyage on Winwood Passage out of Hobart. Seven of the 23 crew were from Queensland, up to 18 years old. Jett was “super impressed”
James spoke about his family a- things were different in the old days - Jan was in labour from Monday morning till Thursday evening. James couldn’t wait, and attended a Rotary meeting – he noticed the doctor in the meeting left, and of course - where was the doctor going? James missed the birth - fortunately the doctor didn’t
James spoke about pain, both physical and emotional. He talked about the pain of separation, betrayal, death of a spouse or loved one. The pain of not know, for instance Daniel Morecombe’s parents
He is blessed to live in Australia
His father came from a Roman Catholic family, and he was one of 14 children
Woman – “behold your son” – Jesus said “behold the mother
Pain turns to Joy – this too will pass - We were directed to o1 Corinthians 13 “the love chapter”
Faith hope and love – this is James’ pain management

James is looking for then forward to the next six months his home straight as president
Ana spoke about Christmas in Uruguay and also in Jabiru
There is no Father Christmas in Uruguay and the three wise men come on January 6
School teacher Anna set us a task around a series of words to explain how our lives evolved
Sergeant Ian spoke about our borders being open and all the people coming to live in Queensland
He found his own notebook of their arrival in Queensland and the month afterwards
August 31 what a wonderful climate
September 13 getting a bit hot 35° lucky there is air conditioning at home and in the car
September 30 well now it’s time to plant the tropical plants in the garden
There was a scorcher and he fell asleep by the pool and ended up with 3rd degree burns
October 20 the cat was missing - it had jumped in the car and he had driven to Kings Beach for a swim - when he came back there is a dead cat in his car and his BMW’s upholstery didn’t smell so good - he told the kids the cat ran away
October 25 it’s like living in a blow dryer - the air conditioning is on the blink
November 8 - hot enough?
November 9 he regrets having black seats in his car
November 10 hot and sultry and the weather says it might warm up
November 14 welcome to hell it’s 38° and the air conditioning in the car has broken down
December 1 first day of summer
Ana thanked us all for showing up, and not giving her too much of a hard time in her first role as chair
Next meeting is 18 January