Chair Deborah tries mind control to quiet the meeting down, then channels someone from AD 1274
President James welcomed all & delivered his report:
  • Thinking of Gordon
  • Changeover - book in
  • 6th June District Assembly - on line/in person
International toast to RC Ramallah in Palestine
He was out of jokes this week but Jan came to his rescue with a whole bookful
starting with God's plan for ageing, and how to make them get more exercise - which accounts for the searching for things, picking up dropped things and bladder problems
Deborah reminded us about the Progressive Dinner
Of course Jim needs no introduction, but he was anyway
Jim gave us a fascinating journey through his invention of the domestic wastewater treatment plant from the inner workings of our own bodies to the breakdown of what is produced by bacteria
Starting with his electrical engineering background, rock moving to foundations at Sarina Beach, and then dealings with politicians including Russ Hinze and Mike Ahern
There were two years of experiments, and you can drink to the result with the result, but there was no legislation in the Building Code to have them approved
We weren't told who provided the sample for this experiment
There was a big demand in the Albert Shire (Gold Coast) and they moved to Pimpana to manufacture plants
There was interest from the NT Government and Brunei, Indonesia, Greece & Italy
Their Balinese company has been going for 21 years
Jim was thanked for his talk
Kath - thanks to Alan & Jim for the construction work with the Peace Pole - The school will have an All School Assembly to honour it. Adriaan to report back.
Darryl - 8th June - meeting at STEPS
Sgt Ian dug the dirt, and a bit landed back on him too