Our chair was Pam
A special welcome to our junior guests Keanon and Ivy
We had a double international toast first from John to the Rotary Club of Port Moresby and to the Rotary Club of Honiara, given that the Solomons Islands are in the news at the moment
Deborah attended the Rotary Club of Glasshouse Country with Robert Irwin, who was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship (PHF) and to Judy Hanson who is given the same award. There were representatives from CalPac and RC Maleny too.
And a joke from Pam.  Did you hear the joke about the construction worker? A - Probably not, he’s still working on it
And a thought - Happiness it’s not a station you arrive at, it’s a manner of travelling.
  • Bernie about the hub – Council wants more “stuff”
  • Merv and Pam attended the RUSCCF meeting. The joint meeting will be on 18 May. There will be a special presentation this year of an additional bursary bringing the total to four, with the additional funded from the unspent money originally set a side for the monument to 100 years of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand. They were working on speakers Janette Young or maybe Robert Irwin. Kath put out a call for raffle prizes
  • Jim says no Bunnings barbecues in the immediate future
  • John attended the Kairos College tribal lunch in the Scout building (to the south of the swimming pools)
  • Deborah reported on the morning tea that Jason Hunt had put on in association with Zonta. There will be more women’s branches in the future
  • Judy mentioned donations to the foundations in lieu of Christmas presents she will send out an email asking for $10 each
Bernie introduced John, he spoke about his company’s experience in PNG around social investment
There has been a process of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to improve trust and reputation. The new thinking is around Creative Social Value (CSV) where businesses focus on social good. His company has been in PNG since 2007 and have assisted in transport and medical areas
There were a few questions around the business model and lessons for Rotary.
How to inject dollars into the local contractors?
Infrastructure tax credit
Highland Highway
Diff Entities Fund
Maintenance issues
Drone technology
Kath? Aged care Brisbane study only 20% of funds to actual physical care
PNG “pig and dog fund” sustainability Paul? Reduce target for insurgents etc as John had experience in the Middle East.
Mistakes include in Sudan where vulnerable people were drawn out to to a feeding centre
Don’t want to disincentive government
John asked us if we knew why the UN was formed? A – to prevent World War Three, so it is somehow hobbled in its humanitarian tasks, and the P5 - US, UK, France, China and Russia can veto motions
Pam thanked John who flies out tomorrow and expects to be back in February
Pam thanked Kath & Ian for the use of their house for our successful Rotary Christmas party.
Kathy noted that there were a number of items of clothing scattered about after the party, and inquired about the ownership of an elf hat and red scarf
Next meeting is our last meeting for the year and for those to whom we don’t catch up again - please have a wonderful Christmas
There is a board meeting on Monday - Pam and Judy to be apologies
Sergeant Ian had lots of time to wreck havoc amongst the members
According to the Sergeant, they were in fact other items of clothing to be found on the property at Kath & Ian’s
What do you say about the first restaurant on the moon? A - great food but lacks atmosphere
And there was another thought for the day but I ran out of paper at this point
Check the roster and buy raffle tickets, $1800 worth bought so far - so still need to push to reach our target. It’s like the sign on the birthing suite isn’t it - Push Push Push!