If you are unable to fulfil your duty, please:
Organise a replacement, and email the name of the replacement to  Richard Doodson at so the roster can be updated.
Chairs - you can download a run sheet here

Be prepared

There is also a reminder/link in every edition of 'The Reel'
Date:-   Chair:-   Front desk:-   Guest intro:-  
04th June   Tracey rose   Warren Jones   Renae McPhee  
11th June   Bernie Strong   Mark Ward   Bob Ainsworth  
18th June   Bob Ainsworth   Dave Elliot   Judy Clark  
25th June   Deb Taylor   Bernie Strong   Trev Bailey  
02nd July   Tracey Rose   Bob Ainsworth   Warren Jones  
09th July   Deb Taylor   Robbie Elliott   Mark Ward  
16th July   Trev Bailey   James Condon   Daryl Lang  
23rd July   Judy Clark   Warren Jones   Richard Doodson  
30th  July   Renae McPhee   Tracey Rose   Robbie Elliott  
06th  Aug   Steve Engstrom   Judy Clark   Deb Taylor  
13th  Aug   Ian Belcher   Sue Robinson   James Condon  
20th  Aug   Pam Snyman   Dave Elliot   Mark Ward
27th  Aug   Warren Jones    Daryl Lang   Warren Jones  
03rd  Sep   Darryl Lang   Mark Ward   Bob Ainsworth  
10th  Sep  
  Richard/ Keith 
  Ian Belcher   Pam Snyman
17th  Sep   James Condon   Bernie Strong   Richard Doodson  
24th  Sep   Mark Ward   Pam Snyman   Deb Taylor