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Mar 10, 2020
Mark Davis - Media Sales Consultant S/C Daily
Print Media

Mark Davis has spent the past 11 years working at The Sunshine Coast Daily.  He is a Media Sales Consultant.  Mark moved from Tasmania to the S/coast with his wife Bev so that she could closer to her Mum and Dad.  They brought their youngest son with them and their other son lived here already.  They spent 20 years working in the family business.  Mak has recently nominated to stand in Division 1 for the S/C Regional Council local Government Elections. 

So, here is a 6-question quick quiz, and you can ask Mark if they are true or false.

1/ Has been a Rotarian?    2/ Bowled out Mark and Steve Waugh in the 1 innings? 

3/ Played soccer for NSW?   4/ Proposed to his wife after being with her for only 8 hours? 

5/ Ran 100 meters in 10.5 sec. 

6/ Was lead singer for Australian Crawl? 

7/ Played snooker professionaly