Currimundi Catchment Care Group
Nov 20, 2018
Tony Moorhead
Currimundi Catchment Care Group

Currimundi Catchment Care Group Inc. began as Friends of Currimundi Lake North West which formed in 2001 after Councillor Elaine Darling called a meeting for local residents interested in improving the environment of suburbs north of Currimundi Lake and those west of the Nicklin Way. The group was concerned about bank erosion, siltation and water quality of Currimundi Lake and its connecting system of creeks and canals, and preserving the natural features of fauna and flora.

In 2002, the group changed its name to Currimundi Catchment Community Care Group to reflect its expanded focus on the wider catchment, but later shortened the name to Currimundi Catchment Care Group. In 2005, the group became incorporated.

While working with Sunshine Coast Regional Council and receiving some financial support, the group aims to operate independently both financially and politically.

Tony Moorhead is the Group's President and will be presenting to us on Tuesday moning, 20 November