Planning Ahead
Dec 12, 2017
Libby Knight, Peer Educator, COTA Qld
Planning Ahead
Libby worked as a teacher, adult educator and curriculum developer for 35 years in the state and private education systems, as well as a stint of teaching in Hong Kong. She moved from Townsville to the Sunshine Coast three years ago and trained as a peer educator with *COTA in 2016.  Libby has presented a range of peer education sessions, including Making the Most of Consumer Directed Care, Your Well Being Your Plan, Switched on Seniors and Planning Ahead Enduring Powers of Attorney, to various groups on the Coast during the last two years and is passionate about sharing information and ideas that promote and assist quality ageing for all of us.
She also volunteers with Riding for the Disabled and is a volunteer Adult Literacy Tutor.
When not busy with volunteer work, Libby enjoys spending time with her grandkids, body surfing and reading.
*COTA (Council on the Ageing) Queensland is a statewide not for profit organisation advancing the rights, needs and futures of people as we age.
It strives to influence government legislation and policies and help shape community attitudes towards ageing and older people.
COTA helps foster social change by providing leadership and expert advice on ageing issues, working with other peak agencies and Councils on Ageing across Australia an sister organisations around the world.