I cannot think of anything more appropriate to write about today than that of the RYDA program.
This program has been run for the past 10 years and has been considered a life saving credential.
After spending three days over the past week volunteering with other members of the Rotary Clubs at the Corbould Park venue, the amount of enthusiasm and effort that our volunteers, presenters and teachers give to the students to make sure that they will be more schooled in what happens when they finally get behind the wheel of a car is amazing.
The program has six sessions and targets Year 11 students who are about to get their P plates or their L plates.   Each one has a ripple effect passing on an important lesson for each student and hopefully for them to retain for the rest of their driving lives.
The sessions give the students an overview of ways and means of safe driving and avoiding a crash.  Some of the sessions although very graphic were presented in a manner that gave each student awareness of how to process some situations they may come across in their driving lives.
One of the great benefits is the fact that the participants are hearing from people who have first hand experience in dealing with the aftermath of crashes including the people who have suffered debilitating injuries and the affects it has on not only their lives but also their families and friends
Something that I have noticed over the years in volunteering for this wonderful program is that the students are a little more mature and are becoming more aware of safety.  They are more respectful and more cooperative in the sessions.
The program was fortunate to have gained funding for three years through Transport and Main Roads, this is due to end next year.
Our combined clubs are hopeful that once again we will be able to gain funding for future years to make sure that this very beneficial program will be able to keep operating so that it will save the lives of our future generation.
Even with a large commitment of members to the RYDA program, our members also staffed the Bunnings BBQ on Wednesday and supported the council tree-planting program on Sunday.  The commitment of our members to support our community is outstanding.
Thank you to you all.
I do hope you have a wonderful week.