New research funded by Australian Rotary Health suggests that a new program for parents of preschoolers is effective in improving children’s attitudes towards their bodies.
Dear Rotary Club President and Secretary
This is not a fun time for us at Australian Rotary Health. Our wonderful research commitment, already made for the next three years, depends strongly on the support of Rotary Clubs throughout Australia. We have had a great track record since 1981 and have always had Aussie Rotarians backing new and successful research.
I write as a matter of urgency as Chairman of our longest serving national Rotary project. Due to the effect of COVID-19, donations to our mental health research funding have dropped alarmingly in May. This is very concerning and, since June is usually our most important month for donations, I ask you as leaders in your Club to include ARH in your financial support before the end of this unprecedented Rotary year.  
Ours is a great, home-grown Rotary project of which all Rotarians can be justly proud. Visit our website and see face-to-face interviews with leading researchers and you’ll get an idea of what research is being done. Importantly, from my point of view, 100% of every donated dollar is used for our research ... we’d hate to see that compromised in the future.
You can be assured that your donation will be used wisely and help us to continue to support our mental health research and programs.
Thank you for your consideration and best of health to you and your Club members.
Warmest regards, 
Gregory Ross           
Direct donations can be made to Australian Rotary Health - 
BSB: 112 879
Acct No: 065 433 595
Reference: Club name eg Parramatta RC
Or post your cheque to:
Australian Rotary Health
PO Box 3455, Parramatta, NSW, 2124
PO Box 3455 Parramatta NSW 2124
Phone (02) 8837 1900 | Fax (02) 9635 5042

20% of Pregnant Australian Women
Don't Receive the Recommended
Mental Health Screening

Recent Research Findings Summarised

  • In a recent study co-authored by Australian Rotary Health Postdoctoral Fellowship recipient Dr Nicole Reilly, it has been highlighted that while there have been some improvements over time, perinatal mental health screening is not yet universal.. Read more.
  • Former Australian Rotary Health ‘Lorraine and Bruce McKenzie Scholarship’ recipient Dr Siân McLean from La Trobe University compared the impact of narrative (scripted stories) More findings here.

Podcast Episodes 6 & 7 Out Now

Every week we release a new episode of our podcast called 'The Research Behind Lift the Lid', where we talk to researchers about their findings from research projects funded by Australian Rotary Health. 

In episode 6, our guest is Dr Lisa Mundy from Murdoch Children's Research Institute. Dr Mundy talks about the success of her Australian Rotary Health Mental Health Research Grant project on how hormones can play a role in predicting mental health problems in children. Watch below.
Click the image to watch Episode 6 with Dr Lisa Mundy on YouTube.
In episode 7, we are joined by special guest Professor Tony Jorm from the University of Melbourne. Professor Jorm talks about how Australian Rotary Health funding helped the world renowned program 'Mental Health First Aid' get off the ground. Watch below. 
Click the image to watch episode 7 with Professor Tony Jorm on YouTube.
In case you missed them, here are all the Podcast episodes
available on PodBean: 
You can also find the video versions on our YouTube channel.