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ARH Supported ‘Tomorrow Man’ Project Receives Extra Funding Boost

Australian Rotary Health Mental Health Research Grant recipient Dr Kylie Kingand her team have received additional funding for their 'Tomorrow Man' project, to help prevent suicide in young men.
“The support of Australian Rotary Health created an exciting opportunity for researchers to partner with a community organisation who are at the coalface of boys and men’s suicide prevention, and now this extra funding means that our research can have an even bigger impact."

Promising New Therapies for Stroke Patients – Hope During These Times of Hardship

In lieu of presenting at the Rotary District 9830 Conference 2020, ARH PhD Scholarship recipient Jason Palazzolo wrote a brief piece that highlights the key points he had hoped to share and discuss with Rotarians of Tasmania. 

Family Factors and Their Impact on Child Development & Mental Health

A PhD Scholar funded by Australian Rotary Health (ARH) and Rotary District 9800 hopes to gain insight into the influence parents have on the mental health of their children, in hope of establishing more effective mental illness risk prevention measures. 

Podcast Episodes 12 & 13 Out Now

Every week we release a new episode of our podcast called 'The Research Behind Lift the Lid', where we talk to researchers about their findings from research projects funded by Australian Rotary Health. 

Dr Laura Hart  joins us on episode 12 of our podcast to discuss the success of her effectiveness trial of 'Confident Body, Confident Child', a program for parents which aims to promote positive body image in young children. 
Click the image to watch Episode 12 with
Dr Laura Hart on YouTube.
On episode 13, we speak to Professor Jane Pirkis from the University of Melbourne about the findings from her ARH Mental Health Research Grant, looking into how media reporting relates to suicide rates.