Rotaractors from all around the world along with the Rotaract Clubs of Lebanon are providing a disaster relief fund and calling for support and aid to help rebuild the beloved city of Beirut :
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On the 4th August this year ammonium nitrate stored at the port city of Beirut exploded, causing at least 190 deaths, 6,500 injuries, US$10-15 billion in property damage, and leaving an estimated 300,000 people homeless.  
 In line with our mission statement to provide and assist in delivering water systems and relevant humanitarian aid to people affected by natural and other disasters DAA was searching for a way to assist the people of Beirut affected by this devastating blast.   
Following a contact by Disaster Aid Europe, Disaster Aid Australia provided support and advice to their DART, Stuart Amesbury, who travelled to Beirut to assess the situation 
During his four day visit Stuart met with Rotarians and Rotaractors, staff from the Rosary Sisters Hospital, the Country Director of Medair, several business owners, building owners and residents of Beirut.   
Stuart also visited the blast area, numerous buildings, the Rosary Sisters Hospital, Rotaract Community Shelter and small businesses. 
Upon his return Stuart’s  summarised the situation as follows: 
Since the blast, the situation for more than 300,000 is at breaking point. 
There is a great need for immediate, as well as long term assistance, with various projects and local agencies requiring support now and in the future.   
Due to the long term consequences of this disaster and the winter months coming, it is felt there will be a need for a long term project of required items as identified by on ground Rotarians, Rotaractors: 
  • Luminaid solar lamp, with USB port providing power to laptop & mobile 
  • Sawyer water filter: individual and family 
  • SkyHydrant Max and Gem to provide safe water for hospitals 
After meeting with the various groups Stuart encouraged the Rotarians and Rotaractors to meet together, exchange information and become more coordinated. This led to the creation of the Rotary Beirut Crisis Committee.  Stuart is receiving ongoing updates from this committee as well as the hospital. 
There is also a Facebook live event on September 5th which we encourage all Rotarians to watch, the details are below 
     Rotaract Mediterranean live event in support of Beirut Stay Strong:  
The live event will take place over Facebook Live on Saturday 5th of September for 4 hours (from 4 till 8 CEST) with the purpose to showcase, for the International Community (International Rotarians and Rotaractors mainly), the real situation in Beirut and the urgency for help in order to generate more funds to the Rotaract relief fund for Beirut that is dedicated to the Lebanese Rotaractors to rebuild and renovate damaged homes in the city. Beirut Stay Strong. The event will be moderated by Rotaract Meditteranean and 16 different speakers, including Stuart Amesbury DAEuropewill be sharing the panel (10 to 15 min each speaker): 4 Rotarian Leaders (Governors and RI representatives), 5 Rotaract Leaders (DRRs and MDIO leaders), 3 disaster management consultants, 4 Lebanese Rotaract Leaders in addition to testimonials from Lebanese citizens affected by the explosion. 
Anyone can follow all the event updates on the following Facebook event maddress: 
DAA has committed to helping out by donating 2 SkyHydrants and funds totalling $10,000.  
Disaster Aid Canada has also indicated they will be supporting the response. 
If your club would like to help those in need in Beirut please donate to DAA, our banking details are below.   
By donating to DAA you can be assured that your funds will be used to directly assist those in need, managed by Rotarians of Disaster Aid Europe 
Please visit our Facebook page and website for updates on the work that DAA is supporting during the COVID-19 Pandemic and how you can help.  You can also email us for further information. 
DAA Bank details 
BSB:  633 000 
Account:  1400 38993 
Please use your club name as a reference eg, RC Endeavour Hills.  If you require an invoice for payment please don’t hesitate to email us at the above address. 
 Kind regards,
Cherie Ramsay
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