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This is about Clive Waring, the guest speaker for the 16th Feb.  He’s has provided a video to be added to the Bulletin.  Also links to his businesses. 
Watch our 3 minute video on a step by step guide to create a heritage family album.
Attached is my media release.
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Clive Waring
Silvershotz Pty Ltd
Office:  07 5499 9700  Mobile: 0455 500 007
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Media Release – Sunshine Coast business pivots in response to COVID-19  October 9th 2020

As Federal and State governments grapple with the decisions of how to lift lockdown and when to ease social distancing, it is up to businesses to pivot and keep the economy functioning and create some sense of ‘normal’ for society. These business norms have focused on creating a sense of well being for families who remain in isolation, especially aged care facilities, by delivering services and products to their homes, one such business is Silvershotz, based in Maleny.
The advantages of 6 months in isolation
On March 24th when the PM announced weddings were limited to 5 people, Silvershotz received an immediate cancellation or postponement of 6 months of wedding & event bookings!!  There is only so much gardening you can do. Having recently helped an aged Aunt clear out her house and transferring her to a retirement home, Clive inherited boxes of family photos. Fortunately a lot of elderly relatives were able to identify who the people were in the photos, where they were born and even the date they were born and passed.
Clive very quickly had a pictorial history dating back to 1900 with all the notations making this a valuable family story that came to life.
He scanned all the photos from 1900 to 2006, imported digital photos from 2006 to 2020 so that he was able to create a timeline of 120 years with 100 photos. The photos were carefully positioned on his studio computer templates, with text typed next to each photo telling the story. These were printed onto commercial photographic paper, adhered onto acid free board and then book bound using genuine leather for the cover. The result is a legacy heirloom album for the next four generations to enjoy.  
Is society in danger of losing their family pictorial heritage?
Clive has observed first hand families clearing the homes of deceased relatives and ending up with boxes of loose photos. They may pick out one or two (if they know who they are) and put them in a small frame. The tragedy is that the rest remain in a box in a dark cupboard, until a family member decides to put them in the recycling bin- family history lost forever which is so sad.
A project that brings families closer together
One thing that COVID-19 has done in our society is to bring families together, as we all acknowledge how special our elderly relatives are. Before it is too late, now is the time for baby boomers to collate family photos from all their elderly relatives, their own albums and their children. Turn it into a project that brings all the generations together. Using one of the many conference/meeting apps families can meet from all around the world. Young children can ask questions about relatives, living and deceased, then make notes about each person in the photograph.
When finished send the notes and photos to Clive who will create a family heirloom album which will become one of the most important family assets for the next four generations.
Launches September October 14th at 1pm at Maleny Community Centre
17 Lorikeet Lane, Maleny, 4552    T: 07 54999700 M: 0455 500 007
FamilyHeritagePhotos and Malenyweddingphotography are brand names owned and operated by Silvershotz Pty Ltd.
Silvershotz Pty Ltd - short biography
Since 1998 the Silvershotz group of companies have operated photography studios in Hamburg and London, published & distributed 100 editions of the Silvershotz art photography magazine to 44 countries from their UK office. The company also imported photographic products from the UK and distributed across Australia from their Brisbane warehouse. The company drastically downsized in 2019 deciding to concentrate on their core business of weddings, portraits, commercial & studio product shots for the Sunshine coast market from their Maleny studio.