To: District Governors, DRFCs, Club Presidents and Club Foundation Chairs
Dear President James
As you may know, Rotary Foundation Australia (RFA) is one of The Rotary Foundation’s eight Associate Foundations around the world.  We enable Australians – both individuals and organisations – to make tax deductible gifts to the Foundation.
I am pleased to announce that RFA has just launched a new  It provides material that is highly informative – both to the public and to Rotary members.  Please click the link and visit the site, I think you’ll find it very useful.
For Rotarians, a key resource in the site is the My Foundation page.  Think of it as the go‑to page you’ve always wanted, with links to a whole range of resources, such as how-to’s,  brochures and forms, as well as frequently used pages in
The site also displays stories about grant-funded projects that Australian clubs have pursued to deliver significant and sustainable impact.  Our clubs have so many great stories to tell about their amazing grant-funded projects and I would encourage you to submit stories for inclusion in the site.
Can I also encourage you to include links to the site in your club and district websites, social media pages, etc.  This will help to raise the profile of Rotary in Australia and the great outcomes that we all deliver.
A key audience we aim to influence through the site is corporations and wealthy individuals who may be interested in helping to fund large Rotary projects.  If you have:
  • a great project that is in need of significant funding, or
  • contacts with a corporation or wealthy individual who may wish to support Rotary with a gift of A$50,000 or more,
please contact me at
Rotary Foundation Australia looks forward to supporting your endeavours by helping you to fund high-impact projects – it’s by making an impact that Rotary thrives.
Kind regards
Chair, Rotary Foundation Australia