Thanks for the photos Irish
Our chair, Darryl congratulated us on our international attire "from Afghanistan to nearly to Zimbabwe"
Welcome to Zoomers Merv & Kath
and, not unexpected from a travel agent, a travel update
"Anywhere in Australia"
Happy Christmas to all - The next Reel will be out on January 15th
President James delivered his report
  • Thanks to all who delivered Christmas gifts for the Salvation Army
  • This is the last meeting for 2020 (if you turn up on the 22nd - the Sergeant is watching)
  • Christmas party at Pam & Archie's this Friday - remember to RSVP if you read this in time
  • District raffle funds "balanced" (no rocking the boat please)
  • Treas/James - Xmas bonus .. (that's what my notes say - no idea what it means now)
  • Early notice of fees due on the way
International Toast to RC Banff, Scotland,  you can "like" them on Facebook
Thought for the day from Martin Luther King Jnr

“The richer we have become materially, the poorer we become morally and spiritually. We have learned to fly in the air like birds and swim in the sea like fish, but we have not learned the simple art of living together as brothers.”


Bernie - Thanks to all who donated at the Bendigo Bank - from their Facebook page:

"The Rotary Club of Caloundra just visited us with a huge amount of items to gift to those less fortunate. WOW, what an effort! A sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed and to Vinnies Caloundra for being there year round for the people of Caloundra #vinniescaloundra #xmashamperappeal #communitybankcaloundra"

Pam - thanks for all who have donated Christmas presents

Deborah attended the RC Glass House Christmas breakup - St Vinnies helping a lot of people doing it tough in the hinterland

Darryl - Golf Day - 15 holes sold, 6 to sell (doesn't add up to 18??)  Good work and keep it up.  Need raffle prizes - we can sell tickets at the Qld Open

Kath (from Zoom) NYSF insurance payout on aborted event due to fires 50% of costs returned

James delivered a Christmas Address focussed on reconciliation.
From Shirli Congoo and the launch of the Salvation Army Reconciliation Plan in Townsville, to a sad but true experience in delivering a recent funeral eulogy. The gift of reconciliation can bring peace to our lives.  The funeral was arranged for a lady who was still alive but close to death.  Only eight people attended the funeral, and they did not include her only daughter.  James had done his best to persuade the daughter to visit. She would have been forgiven, but missed the opportunity.
In Romans 12:18, the apostle Paul said "As far as it is possible with you, live at peace with everyone.
James thanked the Club for their support during the year - moving forward together - and further to last week's AGM said he would be prepared to take on another year as President, but we need a President Elect for the year after.
Chair Darryl asked for some other Christmas stories.
Stewart thanked the Club for the support for the Steps Autism Party - a great success with over 1000 people enjoying the event
Deborah remembered the wedding of a couple with Downs Syndrome.
Jim recalled Christmas in his youth in France, attending the midnight sermon then through the snow to sing carols to hapless victims till dawn
Genta recalled Christmas in Japan - the new year is a bigger event there. Christmas Eve is a time for young lovers ..
Sgt Ian was there to finish the year off - none of it true of course
We are back on the 12th Jan, and official duties? Darryl doesn't know and doesn't care

And remember, 31 Aussies have died since 1996 by watering their Christmas tree while the fairy lights were plugged in.