President Bernie took the chair for the latest of our Open Forum meetings where members have the chance to involve themselves in club matters from breakfast venues to fundraising activities.
But first, Bernie welcomed Kath Aspinall again who we are pleased to announce will be joining us as a member next week.  Kath will bring a lot of life experience to the group especially from her time at Inner Wheel and we all look forward to working with her.
The Open Forum format allows members to talk about subjects that are close to their hearts and Anna gave a short speech about how she would like to stay with the club despite the distance she has to travel to meetings.  She is looking now at opportunities for house sitting in the Caloundra area as the unit she has been staying in when she visits us will no longer be available.  She clearly considers our club as an extension to her family.
Sue Robinson enlightened us on her vocation - all she ever wanted to be was a Mum but after two children it became obvious that she needed to work to put a roof over their heads.  Having spent 12 years living in Indonesia and Peru and a Mum to two more children she settled on the Sunshine Coast.  As the children have almost “flown the nest” she now devotes her time to helping out in the Aged Care Industry and, of course, Rotary keeps her busy as our club secretary.
Gordon updated us on the Golf Day preparations and we are pleased to say that all is progressing as planned.  Next week’s meeting will concentrate on the launch when some of the sponsors will be present but we are still seeking more to come to the party.
Chris Rees confirmed the Fundraising Committee will meet next week after our Golf Day launch.  We are generating a revised approach to consider all ideas and then set up teams to pursue viable proposals through to a conclusion.  The response from the members has been very encouraging to this initiative - with the knowledge within the club this can only help develop the club, attract new members, and above all enable us to contribute more to the community.
Two other projects coming to fruition, the Children’s Swimming Support Initiative and Children’s Photographic Competition should be launched this month, watch this space for more details.
In Rachael’s absence, President Bernie gave an update for this Sunday’s Teddy Bears Picnic to be held at Oaks, it is good to see so many members involved, there is a roster but more help on the day is always appreciated.
Sergeant Merv brought us his brand of humour for an entertaining 5 minutes with an array of stories that sometimes stretch the imagination but always make us laugh.