Mark Leckenby - Smart Grid Energy

Mark brought in some battery backup in case Oaks couldn't produce enough power.  Turns out the case was a demo only, with the lithium batteries and inverter a bit too heavy to carry in.
Bernie was chair and also delivered the President's address.  The major topic was, of course, our Golf Day this coming Friday and a call for "all hands on deck" (even though we are dressing up as surfies not pirates)
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Bernie welcomed guests - our speaker Mark, and Irish
For the International Toast, Gerry toasted a Rotary Club in Djibouti.
Gerry was given commensurate praise by former International Toast specialist Alan for being able to exactly quote their population from memory, although we were left wondering if Denmark missed out on the toast  just because their population was not a nice round one million.
Chris presented our new brochure to be handed out at the Golf Day - see and download it here
The PDF version may be downloaded by clicking one of the images - Chris Rees has copies if you wish to avail yourself of some for good use
Darryl introduced our guest speaker, Mark who told us about the solar battery systems that his company Enopte is assembling in Coolum.  The system utilizes smart electronics to co-ordinate the lithium batteries, inverter, solar panels, grid power and your appliance mix to lower power bills and emit less CO2 into the atmosphere.
Fore more information, visit
And the question you are all asking - yes, the box does come in any colour.
The systems start at $12,500 including panels, and existing panels/inverters can be used.  If your bill is $500 or more the system will provide savings.
Bernie thanked Mark

Directors' Reports

  • Gordon re Golf Day - he was pleased to say we have 100 players but could handle another 40.  Get those ticket butts and $'s back to Darryl.  Stephen's team is short a lady golfer
Gordon makes a good point, and is backed up by Pam
  • Merv re RYDA, (Rotary Youth Driver Awareness) - We have a day coming up on 27 March which will need about 6-8 volunteers on the day and 1-3 for setup the day before.  it is the same day as our Bunnings BBQ.  Other days to put in your diary for RYDA are 2 & 3 April
Merv looking pretty lean
  • Bernie - Nominations needed for Police Officer of the year.  Pam has a couple in mind, even though she got a low score on their test (or maybe because  she got a low score).
  • Mark re re visit to Bohol maybe October
  • Gerry - Jan recovering well
The Sergeant was up to his usual dirty tricks, but he did manage to give the wine away.
We did OK at the ROMAC Trivia night, although Deborah & Patrick's new baby looks a bit jaundiced