President Bernie took the Chair for our regular Open Forum and Alan proposed a Toast to the Rotary Club of Broome in Rotary District 9455.
Rachael was invited to tell us of her vocation which she described as 'a work in progress'.
Kath was pleased to officially receive her membership badge following her induction the previous week.
President Bernie made several announcements, including:
  • Norm Bourguignon has been honoured with an Honorary Membership reflecting the great work and service to the club prior to his move to the nursing home.  Members will be visiting Norm at 2pm on 25 October
  • The Board has agreed to distribute the stubby holders at the Golf Day
  • A new school in Aura has been added to our portfolio but we are checking with Caloundra Pacific to ensure there is no overlap in our respective school allocations.
  • The club gave a gift to Chloe for her birthday - to her delight
  • The Board has decided to hold our Open Forums on a quarterly basis, rather than monthly.
Megyn led the Open Forum which took the form of Committee meetings with the reporting back including:
  • The need to inviting family, friends, and work colleagues to Rotary
  • Wear your Rotary badge at all times
  • Involve those groups with whom we are partnering eg The Board Room
  • Investigate the placement of friendship benches in schools with the assistance of the Men's Shed
  • Get our name in front of schools on a continuous basis and to promote community service especially at Year 12 level; get feedback
  • Investigate a Volley Ball competition
  • Consider a Salsa dancing class as a fundraiser
  • Put Rotary back in RYDA when publicising it at schools
  • A Pride of Workmanship award/s will be presented at a meeting in January, Vocational Service Month; youn person focussed
  • Men's Shed vocational visit being planned
  • A survey to find out the issues members are experiencing with our website followed by a Q&A session at a club meeting as well as providing brief 'how to' hints advertorials in meetings.
  • Pam updated us on our members in need of our thoughts.
Our Sergeant was Mia and the meeting ran overtime.