Another well attended Zoom meeting, but unfortunately I was missing
So if anyone took notes please send them to me
Thanks Mark for being so quick with some images, including many of the late but never forgotten Jim Adam
A special welcome to DG
Darryl Iseppi
And don't forget, Bernie wants us to be eating breakfast at next weeks meeting.
See all the photos here
Mark sent this pic of the Reel for 18/10/2011 as it gives us the date of Jim's passing which was the night before so 17/10/2011
From James
Rotary Pins  - the theme for the new Rotary year is "Rotary Opens new Opportunities"
Rotary lapel Pins with the theme on them are available for $6.50
Rather than order them for everyone and not have them used, we thought it was best if individual Rotarians would like to order them, please be in touch with Club Treasurer Mark Ward.
Rotary  Board Members are reminded of a special Board meeting this coming Monday 25th May at 3.30 pm on Zoom to discuss new Club Projects for the new year.

Instead of our yearly joint RUSCCF meeting at the University, this year there will be a virtual meeting.
It will be held on the 24th JUNE 2020 from 6.45pm to 8.15pm.
The Three recipients of the Bursaries awarded this year will address the meeting as well as an update on what is happening at the University.
Our Club will be selling raffle tickets via PayPal before and during the meeting. The proceeds of which will go towards our donation to the bursaries for this year. As there will not be a cost for a meal, hopefully we will do very well!
To date we have donated almost $17,000 in the bursaries.
So please put this meeting on your Calendar!

Thanks Pam
Hi Mark

Thank you.  I enjoyed today's meeting and seeing everyone.  Some news from my side here from Jabiru Kakadu National Park where I have been working and kept at times in isolation:  Freedom, we will be allowed to go to Darwin on 5 June at last.
In order to protect the Indigenous population we have been stopped from moving within the NT but ........we were lucky to go for walks around this beautiful place with rich fauna, flora and specially history.  I expect that on 5 June Jabiru will be deserted and everyone will head to Darwin to see friends, relatives and shop some fresh produce. 
We also have a superb Council pool at Jabiru that has recently re opened.  I have gone back to work full time at the school (I did 2 days from home for a while, my little students are absolutely beautiful!.    The weather is just cooling a little, no more storms and flooding so it is fantastic!

We are not naive so we will be keeping distances but it is great news to be able to visit Darwin on weekends (300kms drive to get there!).
I now have my fingers crossed that borders with Qld will open by July and I will be able to come and see you during the July school holidays, we will see.  It is nice to see that the country is doing quite well so far with this pandamic.

A big hug to you all
Ana Carolina
I am soooooooooo jealous that you can swim in a pool, I have really been missing that.
Regards Mark
LINK MEMBERS, Rotary Club of Caloundra
A Link Member is your special member in the Club.
If you are a new member to our Club, they are the person to go to with any question or concern.
If you have been in the Club awhile, please be a true mentor in the ways of Rotary and friendship to your link member.
A Link member should keep in touch and notify you of any special news if you are away, also check on you if you have been away for a while.
If your Link member is unwell please inform our welfare officer.
Rotary Club Link Members
Graham Baker                                                       Keith Morgan
Ian Belcher                                                            Chris Milligan
Alan Bethune                                                         Noel Begley 
Deb Taylor                                                             Helen Leyten
Darryl Laing                                                           Rachael Witton
Merv Paddison                                                      Stuart Coward
Sue Robinson                                Ana Carolina Seuanez de Clouett
Ann Rattle                                                             Kath Aspinall
 Ron Strong                                                          Genta Tsukimori
Pam Snyman                                                        Neville Woodforth
Bernie Strong                                                        Brian Walsh
Mark Ward                                                            Alan Still
Gerry Swan                                                           Gordon Hamilton
Roger Todd                                                           Jim Lombard
Judy Clark                                                            Irish Restauro
James Condon                                                      Patrick Cumner
Stephen Engstrom                                                Trevor Gilliland
Trevor Gates-Crandall                                   (Place him when he returns)
Les Walsh                                                             Brian Wallace