Chair Darryl did a very "brisk" introduction then requested a round table "Where was I born?" - a few surprises there
Special welcome to new Division 2 Councillor Terry Landsberg
There was an impressive roll up, and Ann, Noel and Anna on Zoom
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President Bernie's report follows
  • Membership invoices have been sent out, and payment is requested before the end of the month
  • Sir Clem Renouf
  • ARH donations
  • Changeover is 18th July - welcome our new President James
  • Meeting team next week Gerry/Mark/Judy
  • Bernie and Ron an apology for the next two meetings - the motor home beckons
  • A quick roundup of birthdays and join dates
Deborah introduced Terry - he has lived 30 years in the area, had a local business Kawana Automatics, and long time President of WindanSea - the local shortboard surfing club who run the Ma & Pa Memorial Surfing Competition, the second oldest surfing comp in Australia after Bells Beach
(OK, I added a bit more there)
Terry gave an acknowledgement of Country, and noted he had run for State pre-selection before turning his attention to Council where he now represents 23,000 people. Terry is a conservative who doesn't like change, but he notes out population targets are driven by the State Government, and the target is 500,000 by 2041. He is happy with the big ticket development driven by the last Council such as the Maroochydore CBD and Data Cable, but our economy needs to rely on more than tourism and small business.  We need to accommodate infill and protect our urban breaks.  He is impressed by Councils handling and "work behind the scenes" on Covid, and notes that ratepayers are being insulated from the $12m cost to Council.

The recent Budget has been kind to Division Two, with works on the the Tennis Centre, Kings Beach pool, Shelly Beach park, Bulcock St lighting, Caloundra Indoor Stadium, Golden Beach exercise equipment.  The Caloundra Central project is a big one aiming to better activate the area, and includes removing the old Shire Chambers to make way for a new town square, the library moving to the old Administration building, a new Art Gallery, 200 of approx 400 Council staff moving to Maroochydore, and the sale of the old Library site to help fund it.  Paid parking is here to stay.

There were a few questions slipped in, with Mark wondering where he will park when he comes into town and where his parking money will go, and Jim asking sticky questions about his home away from home at the old sewage treatment plant.

Councils website "be well and prosper" is the place to go to check out State and Federal pandemic relief funding.

Comments should open soon on the proposed Honey Farm Road sporting complex (opposite Corbould Park) which will include (something like) two oval and eight rectangular sporting fields, dog park, youth activities.  Check out the 2020 Surf Film Festival, and Development.i for all your tricky development information (including golf courses Gordon)

This was Terry's first community engagement.  He's off to a flying start after reading Council's 75 page flying fox strategy (maybe a big influx given the bushfires) and sinking into the depths of Pelican Water's locks and weirs.  Council's aging assets (such as these) are a worry, and (for instance) community groups such as the Cal Junior Rugby Leagues Club backing off their ten year leases after being hit with big Unitywater costs for water leaks.

There will be a Caloundra Advisory Group set up to act as a conduit to Council.

Darryl thanked Terry, and I think it's fair to say that the Club was most impressed with the presentation.


  • Mark - Fees, half have paid already
  • Gordon distributed thank you certificates for the Golf Days - and thanking you right back Gordon, along with committee members Sue and Gerry
  • Gerry - after 14 years in Caloundra, he is moving on to greener pastures (or better restaurants) at Robertson (near Sunnybank) to be near family - Hope to see you back on a regular basis Gerry
  • Chris needs help getting an old storage cabinet to the dump - thanks Kath & Darryl
  • The Zoom meeting raffle (BBQ prize) was won by Chris Rees - Proceeds to the Bohol bitumen project
Terry got to draw the raffle

Sgt Merv clarified that the fines were "not all lies" (A bit like lawyers - it's the 99% that give the others a bad name)