The Chair was Deborah, and our guest Speaker was Bernie talking about how we might get involved in reuse proposals for the old Caloundra Road Information Centre.
Special welcome to Gordon's guest Richard, and good to see Noel zooming in
The International toast was proposed to New Zealand (much to the delight of our kiwi aligned members)
James delivered the President's Address


  • News from Peter Davis via Ron & Bernie
  • Merv will start radio therapy and chemo next week.  He will "lie low" for a while as his immune system is weakened.  His doctors believe there is a 66% chance of a cure
  • James attended the District Training seminar at Marcoola on Saturday.  Speakers included Prof Kath about Australian Rotary Health (ARH) - amazed by the amount Rotary is doing - ARH had over $3m of donations in 2018/19
  • Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS)
  • James is committed to pursue a special project or event to celebrate the Centenary of Rotary in Aus/NZ in April 2021
  • Caboolture Variety Bash car, Rotary Peace Pole project
Thought for the day "You are not what you think, you are not what you say, you are what you do"
Deborah's thought for the day was from Mark Twain "When you reach mature age, don't read medical books. You might die from a misprint"
Deborah introduced Bernie
Bernie now sits on the Division Two Community Input Committee (not it's real name) Their first meeting had ten attendees, and various groups are represented including Neighbourhood Watch, TAPS, WPS, CCSA, CCS, CWA, Quota, Zonta, GB Progress Assoc (to name some I managed to write down)   Bernie is following up Ron's ideas around reuse proposals for the old Caloundra Road Information Centre.  The centre has been closed by Tourism Sunshine Coast due to the belief that tourists now get all their information on-line.  The volunteers staffing the centre were left hanging.  There were thoughts around a 24 hour max stayover point for RV's - Terry could get Council to install a dump point. Darryl suggested the centre could act as a booking agent for activities/accommodation etc with 10% fee.  
Deborah thanked Bernie
Deborah - next week's speaker is from Beulah Community Ltd. From their website "Beulah Community Limited is a public charity and deductible gift recipient which supports volunteers to address local social justice issues. Beulah promotes Indigenous reconciliation by organising programs and events which educate local non Indigenous people about the history of Australia's First People. Beulah also manages local land care and re-vegetation projects"

For the "Three minutes on Rotary" Mark showed a movie from General Session Two - "Together we Learn"

Sgt Ian got to dish out the dirt, but is looking forward to Merv being back

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