Our Chair was Judy and guest speaker was Ashton Wood who was speaking on phones for DV victims. 
Judy also welcomed members Noel & Genta on zoom.
Thanks for the photos Irish
Jim introduced his guest George Duck who migrated to Australia in 1963 from Middlesbrough, UK. He worked in agriculture at Leeton and wanting a sea change he moved to Hervey Bay with wife Lyn and daughter Gail and son Robert.
In 1994 he became a charter member of “Rotary Club of Hervey Bay Sunrise”. Other achievements were his involvement with the Hervey Bay Boat Club, helping the Salvos Red Shield Appeal, founder and Organiser of the Hervey Bay Family Fishing Competition and many more local fundraising events in Hervey Bay.
Mark went overtime with his 3 minutes on Rotary having some technical problems. Once these were overcome he shared several images of “Rotary-People of Action” and this is the theme District wants us to adopt on our social media with an emphasis on Polio during October.
President James is the Vice Chair of the Caloundra City Pastors Group and had a commitment to that Group last Tuesday morning.
James welcomed our guests and reported as follows:
  • Board Meeting next Monday 14 Sep
  • Thanked Pam for her RYDA work and later for her Welfare Work and advised Graham has a broken collar bone after a bike accident
  • Congrats to Kath & Sue for the establishment of an Interact club at Caloundra City School; awaiting for the official “Charter”. (Interact is Rotary International's service club for young people ages 12 to 18).
  • Reminded us about the district raffle
  • Still needs a nomination for the committee being formed to celebrate 100 years in Aust & NZ
  • Merv finishes his treatment at the end of this week and thanked Alan & Noel for driving Merv to the clinic
James toasted Rotary Chicago O’hare who are very active with shipping meals to orphanages every month
James thought for the day “Small Acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the World”
Judy introduced Ash who was talking on DV Safe Phones project.
DV was not prominent in his life until he had a clean-up and was looking for a home for his old unwanted treasure.
He did have a contact from a DV business who advised they were desperate for phones and could he spread the word.
Phones are often taken, broken or stolen in DV situations and after finding and donating some phones the feedback was “they will save a life”. What an amazing result.
So Ash was now motivated to do more and partnered with former member Patrick from King IT to collect and repair old phones.
So far 304 phones have been handed out to DV victims via Red Rose Foundation.
An example of Rotary in Action was when RC Mooloolaba had an open day at a King IT store and they had collected 65 phones.
Locked phones are a problem but can still be used for spare parts. Hoping the likes of Apple will eventually agree to unlock the phones.
Rotary can help by spreading the word to collect phones which can be dropped in at any Jeep dealership.
They prefer to load the phones with an Aldi sim card as this provides 365 days to use the credit rather than the normal 30 days.
Ash then morphed into the Jeep story and he became quite famous by destroying his brand new but useless Jeep with an excavator in front of an eager media.
Judy thanked Ash and remarked that “If you need something done then go to Ash”. James also thanked Ash.
Directors Reports:
Pam      RYDA needs help with their 4 events in October
Roger    Having trouble with the Reel email getting thru, but you can always go the web site to read
Deb       Club forum next week
Sargent Ian’s highlight was for Darryl’s granddaughters “fathers” day card which sympathised with his age by stating his first pet must have been a dinosaur.