We met at One Third French, Henzells Plaza
See the photos here
Our guest speaker was Pierre Jarsaillon from One Third French
Deborah chaired the meeting, and she was all decked out in fabulous French attire.
I managed to sneak a photo of her cheat sheet, so now you know why her pronunciation was so good
Welcome to guests Heather, Yvonne and Sally (guess what - one third were French)
Deborah arranged to have La Marseillaise playing
And if you want the words in French and English I can help you out there too! - Always handy if you suddenly need to invade Austria
We also got to find out about the ten most important French innovations
This is the newly built kitchen in the renovated Henzells Plaza, and Pierre and Leah are working hard preparing our coffee
James delivered the President's Report
And Roger's getting pretty good at short cutting the system
Bernie - Bendigo bank have agreed to collect DV phones
Info Centre meeting tomorrow
BBQ on Sun 11th
Community Forum with Cr Terry Landsberg Tues 13th Oct
Darryl - Barry Bull next Tues "Hear & Say"
Roger - Still having trouble getting "The Reel" out to everyone
Apologies if you are getting it twice or not at all - Two attempts last week say "successfully delivered", but opened by 39% and 43%
Anyway - you can always get it on the Home Page
Kath - Peace Poles and RYLA
Pam - RYDA in October - need helpers
Deborah - Barry Bull got Cliff Richard to Brisbane by trickery
After Deborah introduced Pierre, he spoke of the food traditions near Lyon, where he came from in France five years ago
He worked a food truck before starting One Third French with Leah and her sister, both non French, hence the name
They are committed in bring real French food to Caloundra, with much of their ingredients and produce from France
We also found out that Australia has older grape vines than France, and why Australian bread is rubbish
They plan to open Friday nights with live music.
Sgt Ian dished out the dirt in the Sergeant's session - you want to watch out what he writes down in that little notebook
Jim thanked Pierre for his talk, and for the breakfast.
And he saved me from having to dig up a joke
In a survey of what French people did after sex, 10% had a cigarette, and 10% rolled over and went to sleep.
So what did the other 80% do?  Well, they got up and went home of course.