Chris chaired the meeting, starting by introducing guest speaker Don Wood
See the photos here
President James delivered his reporrt
  • Informed by District that our grant for the bakery at Bohol has been increased from $5000 to $6000
  • Genta's party was a great success
  • Kath is at home resting, contact with Gordon
  • Anyone know a school band to perform at the Convention?
  • Darryl, John & James visited Corbauld Park to talk about the Movie Night
"Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact"- William James
Our thoughts go out to Louisiana and those in the path of Hurricane Ida
Ida, the fourth hurricane of the 2021 Atlantic storm season, is expected to increase ocean levels as much as 16 feet (4.9 meters) and dump 2 feet of rain. The storm made landfall near New Orleans on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, one of the most devastating natural disasters in U.S. history.
We toasted the Rotary Clubs of Louisiana, and James told of the 20 Reasons to be a Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Lafayette
James had the pleasure of inducting Jim Stewart into Rotary
and Jim had the benefit of James' nearly 50 years in Rotary, beginning in 1972 in Tenterfield, and traveling through 15 Clubs and three countries
and most importantly had given him one good feed each week
Why did the picture go to gaol? well, it was framed, of course, and
Why did the dentist go to Nevada? To go to Floss Vegas
The jokes were getting so bad that Richard had to give James a bit of stick
"because he was straight, and had traveled the world"
Recent member Don was introduced by Chris, and invited to speak about his life
Don was born in NZ  in 1978, the middle of six children
He became a panel beater, and that took him around the world, including Africa in 1969 - 18 countries and 18000 miles in six months, and that was just the start
London, Canada - including the frozen north, Mexico
Don came to the Sunshine Coast in 1980 and retrained as a remedial massage therapist
(pretty similar really - from bashing car bodies to human bodies)
Lived in Palmwoods, married but now separated but on good terms, has a 30 year old son
15 years in Victoria, but saw the light and returned to the Sunshine Coast one year ago - renting, maybe buying
Wife and economist son now in Melbourne
Chris thanked Don for the talk
  • Darryl - Friday visit to Bribie to "check it out" any takers?
  • Bernie - Hub Meet tomorrow at Gateway - still looking for people - marketing SC News, Daily, radio
  • Opera - now in October
  • Richard - re band - Daughter in lay a teacher at Caloundra City Private School
  • Darryl - Grandson's Windward Passage trip postponed till next year - $1250 back to Project Account
Sgt Richard
BOAT = borrowed another thousand
Even though we are not in the meeting, Irish is still taking pics
This is at nightcliffe foreshore cafe, close to where Jim used to live. 
Regards Mark
For some reason, this seems relevant