Bernie chaired the meeting, and welcomed guests Paul Fernyhough (Our 2006/7 President, but now from Tasmania, and whose name is preceded by more Rotary acronyms than I have space to fit in)
and from the Interact Club of Caloundra City Private School, Logan, Elizabeth and James.
Thanks for the photos Irish
President James acknowledged PP Paul and we all gave a special welcome to members of the newest Interact Club in the World
  • Thanks to those who helped out at the RUSCCF Joint Dinner
  • Board last week
  • SWOT
  • 26th June is the Changeover at the Powerboat Club - book in
  • PH Awards - nominations can include any worthy member of the community. Ten days
  • Gordon is far from well - surgery next Monday
James' International Toast was to RC Jersusalem
from their home page
We are an English-speaking club with members from both the local population and from all corners of the world.
We are of many diverse opinions, ages and faiths - Jews, Muslims, Christians and Bahá'ís.
We live in “interesting times” and often get a front row seat, sitting, as we do, in one of the spiritually and politically most significant  regions of the world.
And a quote from Albert Einstein

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots."

And of course I didn't get to write it all down, and after a quick internet search now I'm not so sure:
Did Einstein actually say it?
In “The Ultimate Quotable Einstein,” editor Alice Calaprice clarified that Einstein agreed with this statement, but did not actually say it. In fact, he was quoting a passage by an anonymous “wit” in a chapter he wrote on education, included in his book “Out of My Later Years.” ... so.... watch out James - you better hope the Sergeant doesn't find out about this (although you are probably pretty safe here, buried in "Our Last Meeting".  No need for encryption software to get past the Sergeant)
What do you call someone with a rubber toe? ... Roberto
What did the drummer call his twin daughters? ... Anna One and Anna Two
Mark's Three Minutes on Rotary
Followed the fate of hospital ship Centaur, sunk in 1943 with heavy loss of life
and Rotary's involvement in commemorating  the loss.
Including a brass plaque set in stone, with a location shown which didn't quite match the location verified 42 years later
and of course there's no truth to the rumour that they "didn't let the truth stand in the way of a good story"
Roger introduced Dr Rizsa
She  has triumphed over adversities to bring good works to fruition
Rizsa left the Philippines with ten words of English and $50, but now assists with humanitarian projects, including Shepard's Arms, children's shelter
The Philippines has 125m people, 86% Roman Catholic.  They suffer cyclones and earthquakes, and has 30m in poverty. Criminal sexual activities, including by Australians, need to be dealt with.
Shepard's Arms was reasonably "Covid ready" with Rotary supplied "teacher in a Box" and assistance with the fish farm improving their resiliance
They have had four university graduates recently, and work to achieve "highly competitive" scholarships
Rizsa thanked the Club for their assistance - The fish farm is going well, and their play area is now much improved.
Their vision is to be fully sustainable, with work including solar panels, bakery and rainwater tank
Bernie thanked Dr Rizsa
"She is changing the world, one life at a time"
Kath introduced Logan, Elizabeth and James, who are President, Treasures and member (not necessarily in that order) of the Interact Club of Caloundra City Private School
September is International Peace Month - a good time for publicity about the Peace Pole
Deborah talked about Changeover - Cr Terry Landsberg and our local State Member Jason Hunt to attend - Two $150 vouchers for the Mary Valley Rattler
I'll try to get this bridge finished on time - by the way, that's the loco RC Caloundra had in the park at Happy Valley
Darryl - 8th June Meeting at STEPS, 30 max
Merv - great roll-up at RUSCCF - We made just under $1,000 on the raffle
Sue - Progressive Dinner - reply ASAP
District 9620 Training Assembly Registrations Now Open (held 6th June)
And to finish up, Sgt Ian didn't let us get away without our darkest deeds becoming public knowledge