Darryl chaired the meeting, starting with a bit of ranting & raving
and then we got to hear his whole life story
Jim proposed the International Toast to the Rotary Club Paris Académies 
Nice photo from their Facebook page - If I could understand French I could tell you more (and we worry about how old some of our members are)
Contrary to Richard's assertion that Jim read out all three tightly typed pages of his prepared script
Roger can confirm that there were actually five pages, so we were already well through the meeting by the time we drank the toast
President James delivered his report
  • The DG's visit to the Kenny Cluster will now be on the 17th Oct at Australia Zoo
  • Mark reported on our Rotary International Grant proposal for the proposed new bakery at the Children's Home in Bohol - $5,000 has been approved. Although less than requested, he feels we should be able to achieve a useful result.  Last years project to bitumen the quadrangle has been completed
  • James was a baker
  • Kath will be having surgery on her back later in the week
  • Jan - surgery yesterday
  • Heavy heart about Afganistan
Thought for the day: I love the light for it shows me the way, but I enjoy the darkness because I can see the stars
Our guest speaker was new member Jim, who spoke about his views and community comment around Council's mass transit proposals
Jim answers to Jimmy, James or Jim
He was born in Adelaide, the first of six kids.  They followed their children to Queensland, moving to Brisbane three years ago.  They have three children on the Sunshine Coast and eleven grandchildren, plus another three in Brisbane
Jim feels that "railroading" is a good way to describe the mass transit proposal, and we discovered how the term was first coined in 19th century America
You can access his Powerpoint presentation here
Jim was thanked for his presentation
John spoke on the "sad day" for Afganistan
We discussed members concerns for our meeting venue
As you may know Oaks is being used as a Queensland Government registered COVID quarantine facility.  This agreement ends on the 13th September 2021.  
Deb sent out an email today (Thurs) explaining the situation
If you want to attend our usual meeting there will still be some of us attending.  Mark will try to set up zoom for people to join the meeting so we should be able to accommodate those who can't be there in person
Darryl noted our Bribie visit/meeting on the 14th Sept - 6:45 departure from the Power Boat Club pontoon

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to those who are enthusiastic to have lunch together.

The decision has been made to meet around 11 Am at Moffat Beach , Eleanor Shipley Park, it is next to Bryce Street in  between public toilets and the entrance to Raintrees Resort. Map is attached

You will need to bring a chair, your food & drinks, for those who are not aware, there are restaurants close for fish & chips etc.

Look forward to seeing you,


The C967 in action at Gympie