Jim chaired the meeting backed by a slideshow of Richard's nautical misadventures
(Apparently Richard was "not to blame)
Welcome to all, and intro to John
James delivered his President's Report
Thanks for the photos Irish
  • Thanks Mark for setting up Zoom - no takers though
  • Kath has been in hospital and came through surgery well
  • Shelter boxes have been delivered to Haiti
  • The conference planning group is working towards March next year - Mark is the treasurer
Thought for the day:
Wisdom is knowing what to do
Skill is about how to do it
Virtue is doing it
James reflected on his time in PNG, and John's current role there
"You'll leave part of your life there"
Toast to RC Kabul City
Chair Jim introduced John, who was able to draw on his personal experience in Afghanistan to give an insight into current events
John is using his influence "reaching out to Canberra" to assist in the evacuation of his friend Masood, his wife and six children
They are "inside the wire" but had to brave the walk to the airport, hostile forces, and the "stressed" military at the perimeter
What next for the country?
The Taliban are not "monolithic" - there are various factions
The people are "very pragmatic"
John has previously spoken on his time in Afghanistan - in 2002/3 his role was to keep open the Hindu Kush tunnel
He lived in the community and met his wife in there
Jim thanked John for the talk, and referred to a similar situation when he was in Libya in 1962
  • Darryl spoke about our upcoming overseas trip to Bribie Island on the 14th 6:30 for 6:45 at the Power Boat Club pontoon - Remember - Captain Pugwash waits for no one.  Although "you shouldn't get your feet wet" passengers are advised to bring life jackets, EPIRBs, red flares and have emergency helicopters on standby (only joking - I hope)
  • Genta sent round the flyer for his big party
  • Jim - 7th September (that's all I wrote)
Sgt Ian
Thanks for the picnic in the park Sue - next will be at the Ewan Maddock Dam
Where did this sandbar come from?