Our chair for the day was Chris
John was an apology
Welcome to Paul and his son Keanon
See the photos here
The International Toast was delivered by James

In the light of the RAWCS seminar, that toast was to the Rotary Club of Gizo, in the Solomon Islands.  Merv gave us a rundown on our involvement with Gizo. In 1999 we worked on the hospital outpatients area, The Nari school library in 1996, more projects in 2011, our member Jim Adam passed away during that project, and in 2015 at Sassamunga
President James delivered his report
  • Welcome back Richard, in fact back from the dead
  • Welcome to Judy, our guest speaker, from Glasshouse Country Tours
  • Thanks for the members who turned out for the meeting at the Men’s Shed, with special mention to President Elect Jim
  • RAWCS showcase at Mudjimba was attended by James and Anna. Highlights were the $4 million distributed for our drought appeal, Solomon islands projects - it’s the 10th anniversary of the Salvation Army in the Solomon Islands, RAM. (Rotarians against malaria) James is an expert in this having had malaria twice when he was in PNG, 12,000,000 mosquito nets have been distributed, and there is hope for a vaccine. DIK (Donations in Kind) have sent 1118 containers, with an estimated goods value of $60 million - the freight cost was $3 million
  • All I want for Christmas – “Darryl is watching you“. Thanks to Darryl and Paul – James gave us a $50 challenge, and noted his $5000 goal
The next order of business was the induction of Paul. Merv gave a brief rundown on Paul – he grew up in Harvey Bay and has been involved in mining, some overseas. He was working in computing in Indonesia in 1999, he spent time in the US in the mining industry, but is now back in Australia, where he is a sole parent living at Shelly Beach
James noted that it was an “privilege” to welcome Paul to the Rotary Club of Caloundra one of 35,000 clubs worldwide. Paul thanked the club and said he was overwhelmed by our “outstanding spirit”. He was especially attracted by our projects in South East Asia
James had run out of jokes but fortunately Richard came to his rescue. What do you call a chicken with tomato and lettuce on its peak? A  - A chicken Caesar salad.
James his thought for the day was “Don’t feel bad if people remember you only when they need you. Feel privileged that you are like a candle that comes to their mind when there is darkness” ~ Anonymous
Richard had one other joke - What did the chicken say to the duck? – A don’t cross the road - you’ll never hear the end of it
Chris introduced Merv to introduced Judy
From Deborah’s write up “Judy is a busy woman whose enthusiasm for what the Glass House Mountains region has to offer, to both locals and visitors, led her to set up her boutique charter service Glasshouse Country Tours, which is the only business exclusively offering personalised tours of the area.

In her early career Judy was a training officer and TAFE program coordinator and ran courses encouraging young women to try trade and technical careers, which ultimately led her to becoming a semi-trailer driver, then a coach captain driving local and interstate tours, as well as working locally as a bus driver.

Judy also ran businesses including a caravan park near Coffs Harbour for 5 years and 20 years as a freight contractor, which has prepared her to create a business that blends her unique set of skills and talents.

Judy offers a range of tours to help guests learn about and enjoy this special region. The Glass House Explorer Tour is very popular as an introduction to the history and layout of the region. As with the Coffee Tasting Tour, Meet our Farmers Food Tour and Photography Tour, it includes taking guests on to private properties not usually accessible to the public. It is Judys mission to help guests explore and spend more time in Glasshouse Country. Join her tours and you will want to return to make the most of what this region has to offer”

Merv noted Judy‘s background includes being a training officer with TAFE. She became a semi trailer driver and a bus driver, and has run van parks
Judy referred to her glasshouse tours logo on the screen

Judy lives in Peachester now. She is fascinated by the Glasshouse Mountains, and learnt a lot more about them through being a school bus driver. She was involved in getting the grant to enable Ivan to write his book on the Mountains. As we should all know already, the Glasshouses are not extinct volcanoes. Mount Beerwah was the only one that came up through the sandstone.
A Danish tourist had asked who does the best tour of the mountains, and Judy couldn’t really answer. This inspired her to start a tour business herself in November 2019
She has a little red bus that enables her to get onto the back roads in the mountains. She’s working on getting the keys to the Wild Horse Mountain access track
She explained how the aboriginal legend had practical applications. Tibrogargen looks out to sea and weeps because of what he did to Coonoowrin – so if you’re looking for water, try the eastern side. Mount Beerwah is the mother mountain, and the springs at her base are high in magnesium, which is especially good after birthing.
The old Gympie Road is the Aboriginal pathway and dividing line between the Kabi Kabi and Jinabura peoples, it became a roadway, and the railway followed the same route, not exactly though, the townships had to move to the railway stations.  The Landsborough hotel was moved just a few feet every day, but it was still able to trade at night. Eventually it got bogged, and that is where it is today
She tries to use the tours to get people into the businesses around the Glasshouse Mountains, and has special expertise around the local attractions
When you visit the Twinnies, take some money for a donation. Judy’s tours cover the camel farm, pineapple farm, the vanilla vine farm – vanilla is a type of orchid, and has to be fertilised by hand – it takes about 10 months to process the beans – dried in the sun soaked in liquid etc etc, finger lime farms – watch out for thorns and wasp, dragon fruit far, lychees, even custard apples - and a special pink variety enabling year round cropping, and of course there are plenty of artists in the area
Chris and James thanked Judy for her talk
  • Deborah spoke about the Christmas party – don’t forget to register and pay
  • Don’t forget to register for the Bulllcock Street heritage walk
  • Bernie spoke about the HUB – they are applying for a grant
  • Darryl spoke about the Christmas raffle – he hopes we will buy or sell $100 worth of tickets each – Jason Hunt has contributed a $100 shopping voucher – $500 sold so far
A bit of hocus pocus happening here - Roger got heavily fine by Sergeant Ian
Roger found the original tool kit in his 1990 Subaru – any takers?