Sgt Warryn opened the meeting

Special welcome to Di

Deborah was press ganged into being Chair
Deborah & Jim fighting over who gets to speak first
President Jim proposed the International Toast to Rotary Club of Barbados

Thanks for the photos Dave
Unfortunately I was only able to grab one page of Jim’s research into the Barbados Club - this is what my scan software interpreted.

The development of the Tourist Industry and Manufacturing in Barbados during the early sixties can be considered as the main reason for the birth of a Rotary Club.
At that time, among the many visitors and business executives who visited, were Rotarians who were members of various clubs especially in the United States and they often queried whether there were any Rotary Clubs on the island at which they could attend in order to keep up their attendance and maintain their membership in their respective clubs.
It was in July 1961, that Paul Foster, the then manager of the Barbados Tourist Board (now the Barbados Tourism Authority) and Canadian, Tom McLaughlin, Manager of the Barbados Development Board, now Barbados Industrial Development Corporation (BIDC) both shared offices on the top floor of Cavan House on Lower Broad Street, The City.
It was an ordinary day in the lives of both men when McLaughlin walked into Foster's office and asked the question: "Why don't we start a Rotary Club in Barbados?”
President Jim delivered his report.
  • James Condon has asked us to promote the Red Shield Appeal – on 25 June at the function room we are having sponsors for breakfast
  • Jim inform us that Genta has resigned.
  • Honour to wear the “1st“ of the new Rotary shirts
  • Philippines this week - thanks Darryl for the quick work on the visa
Deborah -
  • Genta was instrumental in Komaki being our sister club.
  • Red shield appeal – people are generous - August 18?
  • All Schools Triathlon want volunteers in October
  • Garden show in Nambour– RC Mooloolaba need help with parking volunteering.
Trevor talked about projects to address the scourge of family and domestic violence.
Attended a meeting at Cooroy with five clubs and between 60 and 80 people.
Started at the Ballina Rotary Club.

Where a domestic violence shirt every Friday
“great cause“
Bendigo branch
Shirts $38 +22 for freight
Trevor sold “a couple of hundred“
Elaine – shirt has “big impact“
Project to change community views on domestic violence started at the Zone 8 conference in October 2023.
40-year-old working for Trevor
Warryn – Ipswich Experience
STEMM /Nambour
Deborah – sister-in-law
“How bad it’s got“
How does it start?
Physical violence only part of it – coercive control “huge issue for Police“
Jim – “Stocks in town Square“
Bernie – Ron’s story
Debra United past member Lyn Roberts daughter Jacqui started STEMM
Trevor – “ DV ambassador“

Elaine - “loves books” - World’s three top libraries are New York, Tokyo and Victorian State Library
Darryl back from the Philippines - Manila rope, manila envelopes, manila folders.
333 years ago Spanish sold for $20,000,000 to the USA along with other “redundant” countries
Dave – Fees going up $20 pa
New system via Grant - all online.
Change over dollars needed.
Pay for today since the technology wasn’t working.
Newly minted Sergeant Warryn, in Richard absence
Steve was fine for grabbing the last of the bacon (Richard would approve)
Trevor got bogged (again)
Jim tried to milk a bull
Jim, Darryl, Mark & Irish to the Philippines
Judy delivered some bad news about Merv – he has 13 tumors on the brain, but he is “really positive“

Jim had some news about Chris from Glenn.-  He has had another stroke and lost some speech and mobility.

Warryn closed the meeting
My girlfriend and I often laugh about how competitive we are. But I laugh more.

Yesterday, I fell down from a 10 meter ladder. Thank God I was on the third step.

I named my dog 6 miles so I can tell people that I walk 6 miles every single day.