Warryn introduced Tracey to Chair the meeting, and she welcomed Nick von Xanten from Top Blokes Foundation.
The international toast was given by Jim to the Rotary Club of Zermatt in Switzerland.
Nine died in floods there after 200mm of rain.
President Jim welcomed Les from the Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific
Thanks for the photos Dave
President’s Report
  • Shirts.
  • Last report (and of course everyone clapped)
A few words:
Proud rewarding and interesting
Thanks to the Board
Paul Rogers District Governor
  • Centaur
  • Trees at Ducks Holes Creek.
  • Biogas installation at Bohol
Thanks for the support
Editor’s note -  full 14 page document follows
Les and a pillow at the Maroochy Surf Club.
He was given a cup of soup, water, and two pieces of cardboard.
$5000 goal took one month.
$10,439 total
Thank you all
Warryn introduced Nick to the meeting. He’s from the North Brisbane region of “Top Blokes“
Top Blokes Foundation focus on 10 to 25-year-old mental health.
About Nick:
Grew up in Toowoomba
Four brothers
of Indonesian and Australian Heritage
State School
Parents together.
Born in Darwin
Dad in defence
“this generation” his brother, who is 10 years younger is a “different age”

we had an agree/disagree session

Questions around:

Mental and physical mental/physical.
Alcohol is part Australian culture
Young men
Drugs and alcohol

For 15 to 44-year-olds, suicide is the greatest killer

10 to 13-year-old
14 to 17 year-old
18 to 24 year-old

Man Box do not cry - no emotions except anger.

Inside outside boxes
How people see you versus how do you see yourself?

Many questions
how candidates were chosen? “give us a mix“
Absent fathers
Accuracy of data

Last year Reece walked 100km with a 10kg vest to help raise awareness for young men’s mental health.
Jim and Tracey thanked Nick for the talk.
Tracey called for Directors Reports.
Deborah change over payments today.
Bob - RYPEN. In next gist
Trevor – Air Museum - Deb said she was working on it. Breakfast is a little early for them
Warryn about Gateway Gateway benches etc someone to do machine

Ana – Rosey Club of Katherine has five people and two leaving
Rent venue to fundraise
Involved – know James
Senior Olympics
Interact soon
Tracy about NASA study:
Five-year-olds have 98% genius traits
10-year-olds have 30% and
Adults 2%
Rotary Club of Zermatt
Founded Tuesday, February 16, 1982
Club 12115 - District 1990 - Charter number 0
Active members - Men
52 0 8
Club guests
1 Honorary members 1 Other contacts 0

President's Report.

I am proud to have been given the opportunity to serve as your president for the last two years. This has been a rewarding and interesting experience. There are many wonderful people in this club with great energy, helping to create a better life for those in need around the world. Over the past two years

I have been involved with, and on the board of, many community groups, but nowhere have I met better people than the members of this club.
I would like to thank:

• Our board for their commitment to the club, the donated time, and for all their hard work to ensure we had a successful year.
• Our committees and committee chairs for doing the actual work of the club
• Our club members for rising to the occasion when called upon. Your ongoing support of club initiatives is incredible.
• Our District Governor Paul Roger for his guidance, positive attitude and encouragement.

I am not going ot highlight al our accomplishments for the year, but there are three that must be mentioned. This is of course the Centaur Memorial
Remembrance Event, the tree planting at the Duck Hole Creek and more recently, the BioGas System for the Shepherds Arms Children's Home in
Bohol in the Philippines. These were phenomenal success, thanks to all involved.

You should all be very pleased with what we, as a club have accomplished this year. Almost all of what we set out to do was successfully looked after. . I salute the members of the Rotary Club of Caloundra.
To Deborah and her incoming board: I wish you well in the year ahead. You have a strong and talented workforce and have the full support of the club.

In closing I thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your President. My main personal goal in this role was for us all to have fun together while supporting the things that mater to members. I think we did very well. Thank you all for your fantastic support.

Jim Lombard President 2022 - 2024