President Elect Deborah took the Chair,
and welcomed Guest Speaker, herself

President Jim is in Thailand and gives his apologies, as do Warryn and Darryl
Sgt Richard proposed the International Toast to RC Bribie Island
Despite Bribie Island being technically only "overseas -  and only one of the Bribie Islands is actually overseas
Thanks for the photos Roger
Sue Mullaney is the next District Governor – sorry if that’s not how you spell your name Sue
30th of June District Changeover at Logan at club Noir
District conference in Toowoomba at the Empire Theatre.
Our changeover will be on 6 July
PETS – leadership and communication and also DEI which is for diversity, equity and inclusion
learning online…
Foundation membership.
Discuss Grants, particularly around homelessness
Seven focus areas

Mark - backpacks for children of DV victims.

Debra – leave our mark.
One month to apply

Grants for $10,000 projects - $5000 from District and $5000 from the Rotary Club of Caloundra

Elaine – did similar
Toys, Cots
$100 from Kmart
Sgt Richard makes a good point

Richard – StreetSwags.

Elaine updated us on the Seven Avenues
  • Diversity
  • Mothers and children
  • Clean water
  • Education
  • Local economies
  • Environment.
Youth protection – for exchange student
Blue cards plus lots of other things.
Co-hosting with CalPac

Club goals
“The Magic of Rotary“
Changeover theme?
Money making opportunities.
(Mooloolaba) – parking at garden show on the fifth sixth and seventh of July
Steve is incoming president of glasshouse.
They have only six members.
Lunch meeting – Deborah and Elaine to visit
Maleny community grant.
Support someone

Roger Is it time for a Rosey club at Aura?
Satellite club first suggested

Elaine RYTS

Directors Mark, thanks for supporting kids for $30– I’m hoping we can pay at the next meeting Mark

Roger– Polio Australia – representing polio survivors throughout Australia,
Have asked the Friends of the Caloundra Lighthouses to light up the lighthouses orange during the week of seventh 14 October or any day during that week or month
Is RC Caloundra interested?

ARH Booklet

Richard sold his little boat.
$15 boost

Three “definite“ buyers - his new friend is a vibration engineer.

Four new snails discovered.
As announced during the last two meetings, I am again asking for your support to sponsor one of the children at $30 each. Could you please deposit the funds into our General account (we will transfer the total funds to project). 
Bendigo Bank:   BSB     633000 ~ Account:   130 984 073
Jim, Darryl & Shirley, Irish & myself are visiting Shepherds Arms in Bohol in early June where we will present the children with a gift of books for their soon to be built library.
With this sponsorship you are directly contributing to the well-being, education, and future of these precious children. The gift of books for their upcoming library is a wonderful way to nurture their minds and ignite their imaginations.

If you’d like to learn more or explore ways to support Shepherd’s Arms, you can visit their website: Shepherd’s Arms Foundation.

Once again, thank you for your compassion and commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of these children. 

Mark Ward

MC Escher "Day and Night" 1938 courtesy