This was Jim's first time as Chair, so we were on our best behaviour, especially given his OBE coming up (over bloody eighty!)
And of course we had visitors from CalPac, so we didn't want to appear the rowdy rabble we usually are
Jim welcomed Tristan, to be introduced more formally later, and Evelyn, Les, Ken, Kevin, Mark and Ian from RC Caloundra Pacific
Thanks for the photos Irish
Les thanked us for contributing to the great success of the ROMAC Trivia Night, and gave us a Certificate of Apprecation.  $16K was raised for the important work of ROMAC
President James delivered his report:
  • Big welcome to CalPac, and especially fellow President Evelyn - thanks for the certificate
  • Special welcome back for Gordon
  • Cluster meeting last week, last for the year and last for Wendy
  • Gala Night made a $1,700 profit, with more to come for raffle
  • Discussions with Council re Memorial
  • RUSCCF - get a ticket
  • Our Cluster arrangement will change with the new district, with Lae & Bouganville now involved
  • & the DG now has double the number of Clubs to visit, but will make it to Australia Zoo on the 1st August, 9:00 - 11:00
  • Not five, but six new members
  • Thanks Roger for the Reel, and Deborah for the Speakers
  • Changeover is Sat 26th June
  • Club Assembly next Tues, Friends, SWOT, Goals and more
Joke "Three men walk into a bar ... Why didn't they watch where they were going"
International Toast to RC Inverness, Scotland
ANZAC Tribute "They gave their today for your tomorrow"
Jim & Trevor introduced Tristan, the NBN Community Ambassator
NBN is a government business, and is an wholesaler only
COVID has highlighted the importance of good internet connectivity to maintain links with family
Modems - turn off & on once a month
WiFi - can be blocked by masonry, and disturbed by microwaves
Connected devices in our homes will jump to 30+, (maybe helped by Rotary members installing $9.5K smart toilets, which, among other things I'm guessing, will do a stool sample)
Scams - NBN workers have enAble cards
Remote access to computers, Signing to fake accounts, Phishing
IDcare is good
Useful websites for comparing retail plans
Jim and James thanked Tristan
Directors & visiting Presidents
Merv - RUSCCF Joint Dinner on the 11th will replace our normal meeting
Judy - Friday BBQ was "the best BBQ ever
Kath - Youth - last Friday was first Interact meeting - they are looking to raise $'s to start projects - bottle bins at school, decals
The Men's Shed will do a base for the Peace Pole. Letter from the Director General of the UN
Adriaan  (apologies - best guess re spelling) is looking forward to RYLA at Luther Heights
NYSF is at application stage
Evelyn invited us to the "Opera in the Hangar" at the Queensland Air Museum on 28th August - limit 240 people
Sgt Ian - pure evil at work
At last weeks’ meeting which was attended by PDG Alan Stephens (and Chair of D9625 grants committee); Alan advised the new deadline for district grants is 30 April and he has only received 3 applications.
I asked if the new D9625 would be receptive to providing funding for on an 80 : 20 basis rather than the 50 : 50 basis (as I have heard that D9630 did provide > 50% funding).
Alan advised this would be considered; but obviously he could not guarantee anything.
So based on this I approached Dr Rizsa from Humanitarian Projects International to prepare a project brief for Children’s Home in Bohol (SACH).
After much discussion we decided that the establishment of a small bakery at SACH is the most appropriate project to apply for a grant.
So please find enclosed a draft grant submission (new format) and also Dr Rizsa’s Project Brief.
Project value is $10k and our contribution to be 20% of that.
As the deadline for 2021/22 grants is tomorrow, can I ask for your approval by return email for this project.
Can you please use reply all to approve and I would welcome any comments or enhancements to the Grant Application….just keep in mind we don’t have much time.
FYI: our new District 9625 is made up of our D9600 + D9630 located south of Brisbane River and to the west of Brisbane
Mark Ward
Rotary Club of Caloundra Inc
Mob 0418 713 001

Project brief
Name of the project: Shepherd’s Arms Children’s Home’s Bakery


Establishing a small bakery at the Shepherd’s Arms Children’s Home will provide the following benefits:

  • Give the children an opportunity to learn a new life skill and potential future livelihood baking.

  • Support the ongoing community outreach program through provision of bread to struggling families impacted by the COVID pandemic.

Potential source of income for the Children’s Home.

This project is another step towards self-sustainability for the Children’s Home.

The Shepherd’s Arms Children’s Home will endeavour to secure funding from other sources to upgrade the kitchen to make space for the small bakery and to fund a baker to set up the bakery and to train the older children.

Funding from the Rotary Club of Caloundra is sought to purchase the bakery equipment, including a pizza oven and other associated appliances.

Projected total cost: Php 365,000 (see Attachment 1 for proposed list of bakery equipment and accessories).


Attachment 1
List of bakery equipment and accessories

1 pizza oven
1 unit 12 trays oven
1 unit 15kg spiral mixer
1 unit 1.5 hp 4x16 dough roller
1 unit bread slicer 30 BLADES
1 unit bread rack 30 trays capacity
1 unit stainless working table 2x6 ft. 1 unit 20 trays display showcase
30 pc plancha
6 pc tasty pan #8 & #11
1 set cake pan
2 pcs wood RASPA
2 pcs stainless steel RASPA
1 pcs mixing bowl large
24 pcs mamon molder
24 pcs ensaymada molder
2 pcs whip wire small, medium,large 2PC cake comb
2PC spatula stainless
1 cake rotator metal
1 cake rotator plastic
1 stove top
1 chest freezer
1 refrigerator
1 industrial size fan