Mark suggested a Part 2 with a prize for the first one to notice what Barry was meaning (Does that mean Mark is supplying the prize??)
“I couldn’t think of a more appropriate image to reflect the message I want to convey to Rotarians. That one flamingo, going the other way, represents so much of what we need to do in Rotary"
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The environment isn’t one of Rotary’s six areas of focus, but it’s deeply intertwined with each of them. Rotarian senior staff writer Diana Schoberg sat down with Rassin to talk about why and how Rotarians should put the welfare of the planet on their agendas.
Roger….sorry I have a correction for you… RI President Barry Rassin says our environment is 'ultimate mission'….Barry is actually a Past RI President….PRIP if you like.
So this article is a little old. He was the RIP a few years ago. Irish and I actually met him in Manila where coincidently we were staying at the same hotel as a Rotaract Convention.
Anyhow am I sending your pic back because there is a meaning to those flamingos…..why is one going in a different direction. Maybe we can have part 2 next Reel with a prize for the first one to notice what Barry was meaning.  Mark

How Rotarians are already fighting climate change